On the Acquisition of RIM

The question is when and not if, RIM will be bought. The company’s last quarter earning report didn’t make great reading for it’s loyal investors (the opportunistic investors are long gone).
The report read like this:

Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2013 was $2.8 billion, down 33% from $4.2 billion in the previous quarter and down 43% from $4.9 billion in the same quarter of fiscal 2012. The revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 59% for hardware, 36% for service and 5% for software and other revenue. During the quarter, RIM shipped 7.8 million BlackBerry smartphones and approximately 260,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

Our good colleague Debbie Stephenson, writing for Firmex Blog produced an impressive info-graph (below) describing how such an acquisition of RIM may pan out.

[Via: Firmex Virtual Data Rooms: Who will Acquire RIM?]

Sources: Yahoo FinanceFirmex Blog

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