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New evidence presented by Apple in court today provided a valuable insight into what drives the sales of Android in the US. The evidence came in the form of study, which covers the U.S. market and was published by Apple internally in January 2011.

Top smartphones running the Android operating system from Samsung and others are touted as possessing the latest technology with regards to software and hard and hardware. These devices are said to provide individuals with more choices and with the different form factors. According to some these are the reasons why Android smartphones possess its current market share in America. Right? Nope, you are way off base

 According to Apple’s data revealed that the number one reason people buy Android in the US is because of carrier loyalty. There you have it. Not because the phone has a keyboard, not because of a 4.5 inch display and certainly not because the smartphone has LTE. This clearly indicates that had Apple not been stuck in its exclusive  contract with AT&T things could have been different.

Here are the full results from that survey question:

[box] Wanted to stay with current wireless service provider: 48%

Trusted the Google brand: 36% Preferred larger screen: 30%

Preferred the Android market for apps (Gmail, Google Docs, Google-Voice): 27%

Wanted better integration with google services: 26%

Wanted the latest and greatest smartphone: 26%

Wanted turn by turn GPS navigation: 25%

Wanted the latest technology: 25%[/box]

Source: Cnet

Image Credit: thefloatingfrog

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