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Apple Patent US8,347,238 Fig 1


Here is a list of patents granted to Apple by the USPTO on January 1, 2013. The list includes the following patents – Visual presentation of multiple internet pages, Text to speech conversion of text messages from mobile communication devices and Protective cover for a tablet computer.

US 8,347,238

Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing user interface content and user interface elements by dynamic snapping of user interface elements to alignment guides 

This patent could possibly find itself in the patent war. In my opinion its very similar to Apple’s Pinch-to-Zoom.

Alignment guides configured for adaptive snap-to behavior are disclosed. In one embodiment, during a user interface element resize or move gesture, match-priority values for potential alignment guides are determined based at least on gravity values associated with said alignment guides. After a displayed object is snapped to a first alignment guide having the highest match-priority value, and the user interface element is moved away from the first alignment guide during the resize or move gesture, the gravity value associated with the first alignment guide is adjusted.


Apple Patent US8,347,230

US 8,347,230

Visual presentation of multiple internet pages 

Here is another interesting patent. This could probably come in the next version of Safari. Apple is about to make browsing on the web a better experience, by giving user a better views of the windows that are opened. Currently Tabs Browsing does not do this.

A novel method for graphically organizing and displaying multiple pages of internet content based on how the page was accessed. Pages are determined to be indirectly accessed if they were accessed via a hypertext link or a trail of hypertext links. Pages are determined to be directly accessed if accessed via other means, such as a bookmark or via Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Page groupings are created for each directly accessed page, and each indirectly accessed page is categorized into a grouping associated with a directly accessed page containing a link through which the indirectly accessed page was accessed. The web pages are presented to the user in an interface that is a graphical representation of the page groupings, wherein a user selects a page to view by first selecting the page’s page grouping and then selecting the page.


Text to speech conversion of text messages from mobile communication devices 

This patent would be very useful, especially for those with visual impairment.

A method includes providing a user interface, at a mobile communication device, that includes a first area to receive text input and a second area to receive an identifier associated with an addressee device. The text input and the identifier are received via the user interface. A short message service (SMS) message including the text input is transmitted to a Text to Speech (TTS) server for conversion into an audio message and for transmission of the audio message to the addressee device associated with the identifier. An acknowledge message transmitted from the TTS server permits the addressee device to allow delivery of the audio message or to decline delivery of the audio message. The TTS server transmits the audio message in response to the addressee device allowing delivery of the audio message. A confirmation message is received from the TTS server that indicates that a reply voice message has been received from the addressee device in response to the audio message.


Apple Patent D673,563


US 8,345,410

Handheld computing device 

Again expect to see this patent enforce at some point in the future. Apple has invented the Tablet computer as we know it today. This patent among many others prove this.

A portable computing device is disclosed. The portable computing device can take many forms such as a laptop computer, a tablet computer, and so on. The portable computing device can include at least a single piece housing. The single piece housing including a plurality of steps. The plurality of mounting steps is formed by at least removing a preselected amount of housing material at predetermined locations on the interior surface. At least some of the mounting steps are used to mount at least some of the plurality of internal operating components to the housing


US 8,344,836

Protective cover for a tablet computer

A magnetic attachment mechanism and method is described. The magnetic attachment mechanism can be used to releasable attach at least two objects together in a preferred configuration without fasteners and without external intervention. The magnetic attachment mechanism can be used to releasably attach an accessory device to an electronic device. The accessory device can be used to augment the functionality of usefulness of the electronic device.


Creation, management and delivery of map-based media items

Improved techniques to facilitate generation, management and delivery of personalized media items for users are disclosed. Users are able to influence or control content within a personalized media item. According to one aspect, personalized media items can pertain to generation and delivery of map-based media items. These media items are playable by a media playback device. For example, when a map-based media item is played by a media playback device, an audio output and/or a visual output can be provided. The audio output can be provided by digital audio, and the visual output can be provided by at least one digital image that is associated with at least a portion of the digital audio.



US 8,347,316

Method and system for synchronous operation of linked command objects 

A system and method provide for synchronous operation of linked command objects in a general purpose software application. The software application provides a user with a variety of operations that manipulate available data objects. The software application manages the data objects in a number of contexts. Each context manages the existence and execution of a number of command objects. Each command object operates on one or more data objects in its context. To support synchronous operations that affect the state of data objects in more than one context, command objects are linked to each other. When one command object is executed, the context of the command object identifies a command object linked to the executed command object and initiates the execution of the linked command object via the context that manages that command object. This synchronization allows for synchronous undo and redone operations. The delete states of the command objects are also synchronized. Deleting a command object destroys it, and prevents it from being undone. When one command object is deleted the command object linked thereto is also deleted, thereby preventing the linked command object from being independently undone resulting in an inconsistent state of the contexts.


Source: USPTO

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