Motorola files new patent case against Apple with ITC

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After wrapping up their proceedings against Samsung Friday, its appears Apple’s legal team will have to start planning for another trial. This time Motorola – a Google subsidiary, filed a new patent case with the US International Trade Commission. Reports indicates  that Motorola is alleging that Apple is in violation of seven patents. These patents are apparently not considered standards-essential.

According to a Bloomberg report, “Motorola Mobility and Apple have been fighting since at least 2010 after licensing talks failed. Apple has said Motorola Mobility is making unreasonable demands, and argues that phones made by Motorola Mobility and other handset manufacturers that run on Google’s Android operating system are copying key patented features of the iPhone.”

The report went to highlight that, “the complaint is the second that Libertyville, Illinois- based Motorola Mobility has filed at the agency against Apple. A copy of the new complaint wasn’t immediately available. The commission is scheduled to announce a final decision Aug. 24 in the earlier case, and could impose an import ban on the iPhone.”

In a statement to Bloomberg, this is what Motorola had to say:


We would like to settle these patent matters, but Apple’s unwillingness to work out a license leaves us little choice but to defend ourselves and our engineers’ innovations.



Sources: Bloomberg, TheVerge

Image Credit: TheVerge

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