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Xiaomi is a smartphone-maker that’s often likened to Apple and last week the company unveiled its much anticipated new device, one year after launching the Mi1, which sold more than 3 million units in China.

The Indian government has moved to restrict SMS usage in the troubled north of the country where it was being used to spread false rumors, in a move that shows just how important mobile and technology are in today’s age, right across the world.

 Sharp is struggling right now and last week reports emerged suggesting that the tech giant is reportedly looking to sell more than $1.2 billion in assets, including a key solar panel plant in its native Japan. A report from the Daily Yomiuri claimed that the company is already in negotiations with an overseas bidder as it looks to sell off assets to a number of refinancing initiatives. However, it is thought that the sale will not be straightforward since more cost effective options exist overseas.

The online music revolution is finally winging its way to Southeast Asia after Spotify-rival Deezer announced plans to launch in Thailand, with a view to rapidly entering Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia after. The region has been largely overlooked by global music services, despite having huge potential thanks to significant increases in smartphones sales, quarter-by-quarter, and Deezer is grabbing a head start on the competition with this move.


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