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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac And Windows

If you ever have the misfortune of accidentally deleting that all important files from your Mac/Windows, the folks at EaseUS has just the tool for you. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for both Mac and Windows PC allows users to recover unlimited file types from your Mac/Windows internal and external storage. I’m currently using the Mac version of the software and it does exactly what it says on the tin. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is super easy set up and use. After activation, users are only two clicks away from recovering that lost documents,Read More

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iTunes on Windows: The Day Hell Froze Over

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of iTunes on Windows PC, October, 16, 2003. The Day Hell Froze Over! However, in hindsight, this is actually the day Apple to its first step in becoming the being Post PC juggernaut it is today according to Chris Fralic, Partner at First Round Capital. “10 years ago today, Apple did something extraordinary, but it didn’t seem like it at the time, Chris Fralic writes. “Like the story of a butterfly flapping its wings and eventually causing a tsunami halfway around the world, this had a profoundRead More
An Analysis of Microsoft’s Lost Decade Under Steve Ballmer Yesterday Micorosft announced to the world that the CEO Steve Ballmer will be retiring in 12 months. This news immediately sent the company’s stock price higher. Yikes! What exactly happened to Microsoft under Steve Ballmer? Writing for Vanity Fair,  Kurt Eichenwald points an accusing finger at C.E.O Steve Ballmer for leading the company astray. Eichenwald alluded to the fact that the writing was on the wall for Steve Ballmer after a lackluster performance at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show. According to Kurt Eichenwald: ButRead More
After it was announced that Apple has won a contract a $30 Million iPad contract with L.A. Unified School District. Microsoft has announced a similar deal today. In a press release, Microsoft revealed that, “a new collection of 34 K-12 schools and school districts that have signed on to use Windows 8 to inspire collaboration and creativity in the classroom, improve student learning outcomes, and better prepare students for the workforce ahead.” This might not be as big a deal as the Apple’s $30 million iPad contract, however this shows that Microsoft isRead More
According to a post on Microsoft forums (via Softpedia), updating your PC and Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1 Preview will require a PC already running Windows RT with 10 GB of free storage space. Microsoft has already received complains for limited free hard disk space in their Windows Tablet PCs in the past. Last year, the company published a FAQ post on their website. The post explained the actual storage size of their 32GB and 64GB Surface Tablets. Here’s how much hard disk space you have available out of the box:Read More
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While it is widely rumored that Apple set to a new fingerprint technology in their next-generation iPhone, Microsoft has unveiled an FPC fingerprint touch sensor integrated in a beta version of Windows 8.1 at TechEd North America 2013 today. According to the press release, “Windows 8.1 customers will be able to sign on to their Microsoft account, make online payments and other transactions using the fingerprint sensor for secure and convenient user verification. By utilizing FPC’s fingerprint touch sensor in combination with this update to Windows 8, we are able toRead More
Wondering how to keep your health intact in this digital world? With the growing number of mobile apps and various Smartphone platforms, it is quite simple. To keep a regular check of your health, weight gain, calorie intake, cardiac monitoring and much more, health apps can be handy. Here is a list of top iPhone apps to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle: Cardiio  Cardiio, as the name suggests is an app designed to monitor the pulse readings accurately. One of the best features about the app is that theRead More

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Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews Roundup

Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews Here we go folks, the Microsoft Surface Pro reviews are out so lets see what people are saying about Microsoft’s ‘no compromise’ tablet computer. Walt Mossberg – Surface Pro: Hefty Tablet Is a Laptop Lightweight [quote] I like the original Surface and see it as a tablet with the extra benefit of some Microsoft Office programs. However, I am less enamored with the Surface Pro. It’s too hefty and costly and power-hungry to best the leading tablet, Apple’s full-size iPad. It is also too difficult to useRead More
According to John Paczkowski of AllThingsD, “Microsoft is being coy about revealing Surface sales data, it may be for good reason. Early demand for the company’s first tablet is lousy,” writes John Paczkowski of AllThingsD. “How lousy? Put it this way — if Microsoft really did manufacture three million to five million Surface tablets to sell in the fourth quarter, it’s going to have between two million and four million left over at quarter’s end.” Paczkowski was commenting on a research note released by Detwiler Fenton, a Boston-based brokerage firm. According to Detwiler Fenton, “Lack of distribution isRead More
 Microsoft has finally revealed the price of its upcoming  Surface with Windows 8 Pro. According to the company’s blog post, the price will set you back $899 for standalone version with 64GB storage and  $999 for the 128GB  version. This price point is easily competitive with Apple’s iPad at with the same 64GB storage. However, a lot folks view the MacBook Air as the most likely competitor given that both devices share similar specs. The Surface with Windows 8 Pro will comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, which will run legacy Windows ApplicationsRead More

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Microsoft Is Doomed Articles

Looking around the internet, it appears that a sure way of generating traffic to your blog is to write an article predicting the doom and gloom of Microsoft. I thought these sort of click bait articles were reserved for Apple. This might come across hypocritical, however I put together a few of these articles for you to judge for yourself whether these are click baits or well written articles on the challenges Microsoft faces going forward. Microsoft has failed – Their actions erase any lingering doubt Charlie Demerjian predicts that Microsoft hasRead More

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Nielsen: Windows 8 Usability Disappointing For Everyone

    I haven’t had the opportunity to use a Windows 8 device as yet, but judging from the reviews, I think I’m much better off not doing so at the moment. According to a report from Jakob Nielsen the usability of Windows 8 has been found to be very disappointing for both novice and power users. Jakob Nielsen holds a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction, hence he’s in a very good position to make such statements. He concluded that, “the hidden features, reduced discoverability, cognitive overhead from dual environments, and reduced powerRead More