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According to a new report from Chinese website Tencent Digital News (via AppleInsider), Apple’s iPhone 6 is set to come in two versions. One model will have a 4.7-inch display which is now in trial production and expect to be unveiled as early as June. The 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to feature the 1,136-pixel-by-640 pixel display as seen in the iPhone5/5s. However, another model sporting a 5.7-inch display is expected to come with a higher resolution screen and will be released later in the year, the report said. Retaining the 1,136×640 resolution on a 4.7-inch display contradicts a recentRead More
Apple’s efforts to conquer  the US  education market has jsut received a huge boast. According to a new report from the Los Angeles Times,  the Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday agreed to distribute iPads to 38 more campuses. In doing so, the board has adopted the proposal of schools Supt. John Deasy rather than following the advice of an oversight panel that had recommended purchasing less devices, the report said. “Board members approved a $115-million proposal that removed entirely a cap on how many iPads the district could buy for standardized testing scheduled for the spring,” HowardRead More
The Apple vs Samsung re-trial is in full swing with Apple’s attorney demanding an additional $380 million in damages from Samsung. This is in addition to the $600 million Samsung already has to pay after being found guilty of infringing the Cuperitio-based company patents last year. On the other hand, Samsung’s legal team believes the company only owes $52 million, despite admitting for the first time that they did infringe some of Apple’s patents. According to a report from CNET, Apple’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller, told the court last that Apple riskedRead More

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Apple vs Samsung Patent Retrial Starts November 12

According to a new report from Foss Patent, Apple and Samsung are about to hit the court room again on November 12 for round 2 of their ongoing patent lawsuit battles. “There will be other pretrial orders, and also some further briefing on certain issues in the build-up to another pretrial conference on November 5, Florian Mueller writes for Foss Patent. “For example, the court appears inclined not to allow references to the Apple-HTC license agreement, but Samsung still has the chance to make a case for why such references should beRead More
Foss Patent is reporting that Apple has filed a motion opposing Samsung’s motion for a new rubber- patent trial. Samsung originally  filed a motion for a new trial about its liability for infringement of the ‘381 rubber-banding patent. Samsung argued that the patent has now been narrowed in scope due to Apple’s statements during the reexamination process, suggesting a different outcome of the infringement analysis, the report said. According to the report, Apple responded to Samsungs Monday, here are some of the highlights: According to Apple, Samsung’s motion can be deniedRead More
The well connected Sina microblogging group – C Technology has released more information about the iPad 5 (next-generation 9.7-inch iPad). The group is reporting that they have received confirmation the iPad 5 with internal serial number  DLXKN0EFJKG is about to go into mass production. Key highlights from the report:  Apple’s next-generation Tablet PC iPad 5 is about mass production. A group of Apple OEM product’s internal serial number  DLXKN00EFJKG  appeared – sources said this is the iPad 5 serial number. The device manufacturer Foxconn, the warranty deadline is June 27, 2014, from SeptemberRead More

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Report: JetBlue Gives Pilots New iPad Capabilities

According to a new report from Aero News, the FAA has approved iPad-based EFBs for use by JetBlue Airways.  This decision came after a successful trial phase with approximately 60 pilots over several months. The findings from the trial shows that equipping pilots with iPads will add more real-time capabilities in the cockpit and save fuel by eliminating the heavy paper manuals that all pilots carry. Consequently, JetBlue already has begun giving all 2,500 pilots a fourth-generation 16 GB Wi-Fi capable Apple iPad. In an open swipe at Microsoft, the report states that, “JetBlueRead More

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How to Design Apps for Gesture-Driven Devices

Remember the moment when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone? It was exciting… but we don’t think anyone could have predicted the huge drive towards mobile devices that occurred over the following five years. Now, huge proportions of web traffic are from smartphones and mobile devices, and more and more people are using them every day to do things that would normally have only ever been attributed to desktop/laptop machines. The Shift to the Responsive Web With this ever-increasing move towards a mobile world arises a fair few issues. Initially, peopleRead More
Weiphone, a Chinese technology blog, is reporting that their have received exclusive new details about the next-generation iPhone from sources. According the report, iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) will sport a slimmer screen frame and will start shipping in September 2013. Highlights from the report include: The next-generation iPhone display will have 1.5 million pixels, compared to nearly 730,000 iPhone 5. This will significantly improve the Resolution of the new iPhone. iPhone 5 parts leaked recently by Japanese media Macotakara accurate according to their sources. The next-generation will go into trial productionRead More
 Judge Koh Awards Apple 600 Million in Damages; Order New Trial for Some Products (Apple vs Samsung) – Judge Koh stated that the jury’s decision was based on impermissible legal theories. Judge Koh Awards Apple 600 Million in Damages; Order New Trial for Some Products (Apple vs Samsung) After many months of deliberating Judge Koh has finally issued her ruling in the Apple vs Samsung case. From the looks of things, Judge Koh decided to partially grant each camp their wish. She awarded Apple US$600 million in damages, while granting SamsungRead More
Philip Elmer – DeWitt: [quote] In April 2011, three months before Motorola, Apple (AAPL) filed a complaint charging that Samsung’s smartphones and tablets were infringing Apple’s patents, trademarks and designs. The case went to trial 16 months later, and a jury ruled in Apple’s favor, famously assessing Samsung $1.05 billion in damages. Nearly half a year has passed, and no injunction has been granted, no fines have been paid and the judge has yet to issue a final ruling on the damages. While the legal procedures drag on, Samsung is freeRead More

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New Zealand Police To Receive 6000 iPhones and 3900 iPads

The National Business Review, a New Zealand based news site, is reporting that New Zealand police are getting iPhones and iPads as part of a new deal 10-year with Vodafone. According to the report, over 6000 frontline police are getting smartphones and 3900 of the 6,000 officers will also receive an iPad. The deal came about following an 11-month trial involving 100 staff. The police anticipates that the investment in apple’s iOS devices will provide productivity benefits of $305 million over 10 years, according to the report. The Police  Commissioner Marshall, is quoted as saying, “WeRead More