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Microsoft believes that the future of personal computing lies in the convergence of the traditional PC interface with their modern Windows Phone operating system. Apple on the other hand, view this as a non-sensical idea. Writing for Tech.pinions, John Kirk provides a compelling argument as why he believes Apple’s approach will win. Firstly, Kirk rubbished the notation that converging the two operating systems is pretty straight forward: I agree with John Kirk’s point to a large extent. We’ve been using mice and keyboards as the main inputs on desktop computerRead More
Despite not setting the world alight with its original offerings – Microsof Surface PCs Tablets, Microsoft is set to continue their foray in the tablet market, according to Digitimes. This information came courtesy of sources from the upstream supply chain. Microsoft is expected to announce second-generation Surface tablets at the company’s Build Developer Conference scheduled for June 26-28. This time the Company will be targeting the 7- to 9-inch displays range to meet the rising demand for smaller tablet devices, according to the report.Microsoft has reportedly shipped 1.5 million units of its first-generationRead More
First it was Apple, now it’s Microsoft turn to face the wrath of the Chinese public. Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft’s after-sales service for its Surface tablet has been heavily criticized by China’s state-owned radio. The Chines are asking for the Surface Pro to follow the nation’s law requiring notebook computers to have a one-year repair warranty for the whole device and a two-year warranty for main parts, as compared with the company’s one-year pledge for both, according to the report. Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to Chinese consumers on recently after stinging attacks from the ChineseRead More

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Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews Roundup

Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews Here we go folks, the Microsoft Surface Pro reviews are out so lets see what people are saying about Microsoft’s ‘no compromise’ tablet computer. Walt Mossberg – Surface Pro: Hefty Tablet Is a Laptop Lightweight [quote] I like the original Surface and see it as a tablet with the extra benefit of some Microsoft Office programs. However, I am less enamored with the Surface Pro. It’s too hefty and costly and power-hungry to best the leading tablet, Apple’s full-size iPad. It is also too difficult to useRead More
French tech blog,, has published purported photos of components headed to Apple yet to be announced iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Steve Hemmerstoffer, author and editor-in-chief, he recently received two photos of parts deem to have been designed to equip for two future versions of Apple’s smartphone , iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. The photos shows the loud speaker modules of the iPhone 5S and 6. According to Hemmerstoffer, he was informed by his source that the first model (iPhone5S) will launch between March and July this year while the second (iPhone 6) would be unveiled end ofRead More
 Microsoft has finally revealed the price of its upcoming  Surface with Windows 8 Pro. According to the company’s blog post, the price will set you back $899 for standalone version with 64GB storage and  $999 for the 128GB  version. This price point is easily competitive with Apple’s iPad at with the same 64GB storage. However, a lot folks view the MacBook Air as the most likely competitor given that both devices share similar specs. The Surface with Windows 8 Pro will comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, which will run legacy Windows ApplicationsRead More

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Microsoft Is Doomed Articles

Looking around the internet, it appears that a sure way of generating traffic to your blog is to write an article predicting the doom and gloom of Microsoft. I thought these sort of click bait articles were reserved for Apple. This might come across hypocritical, however I put together a few of these articles for you to judge for yourself whether these are click baits or well written articles on the challenges Microsoft faces going forward. Microsoft has failed – Their actions erase any lingering doubt Charlie Demerjian predicts that Microsoft hasRead More

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Microsoft Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky Departs

  Just went you thought Scott Forstall leaving Apple was the shock news of the 2012. Microsoft might have just topped that. The company has announced the departure of  Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky. Sinofsky is a 23-year veteran and was seen by many as a potential successor to Steve Ballmer. On the other hand, some felt the departure of Sinofsky was inevitable, if Micorosft wants to increase effective collaboration within the company. This is reminiscent of the message that came out from Tim Cook’s on the departure of Scott Forstall.Read More
According a report from the French website – Laparisien, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer shed some light on the sales of their new Microsoft’s Surface for Windows RT tablet.  Steve Ballmer was in Paris on Friday to promote the new Windows 8. According to the report, Ballmer touted the current sales of their Surface RT as ‘modest’, however he believes Microsoft Pro would fare much better. Here is part of the report (via Google Translate): [quote] Re-election of Barack Obama, intellectual property issues with China, new products, Steve Ballmer says it all. “We sold 4Read More

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The Things An Apple Hater Might Say

  Mr. Enderle is at it again. Driving traffic to his post with click baits articles like this one Let us have a quick look at what he has to say this time: Clever marketing from competitors left Apple’s effortlessly clueless. [quote] I’m at an IBM event this week, and at dinner I had what has been an increasingly frequent experience. It used to be that attendees at these events gushed about the new Apple gadget they were carrying, and anyone who expressed reservations seemed out of touch with theRead More
Microsoft Surface vs Apple

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The Actual Storage Size Of Microsoft Surface

  Microsoft appears to have found it necessary to publish a FAQ post on their website. The post explained the actual storage size of their 32GB and 64GB Surface Tablets. Microsoft stated: [quote] Here’s how much hard disk space you have available out of the box: The 32 GB version has approximately 16 GB free hard disk space. The 64 GB version has approximately 46 GB free hard disk space. [/quote]     This is important given that one of the feature people are pointing out when comparing the SurfaceRead More
  Lets have fun with one of Mr. Rob Enderle’s anti-Apple article. If you don’t know Enderle, he is as anti- Apple as John Gruber is pro -Apple. Enderle’s latest masterpiece is titled – How Microsoft’s Surface Might Kill The iPad. Of course, Enderle gives himself some wiggle room by using the word ‘might’ in the title. As a result if his hypothesis is not realized, he can always fall back on this word. Enderle started off by stating: [quote] Is the Microsoft Surface the next killer tablet? All these “killer this” and “killer that”Read More