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Posted On September 1, 2012By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Google News

Apple’s Lawsuits: Business or Personal?

 I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY   [box] Apple’s relentless pursuit of Google has less to do with patents and profits and more to do with personal betrayal – and for that reason, it won’t end until Apple’s pockets are empty. While watching the coverage of the Apple vs. Google battle, we can easily forget that this fight isn’t about market share or about market dominance. Apple isn’t using litigation to make up for any internal shortcoming or weakness, even though this is how the media often portrays the situation. TheRead More

Posted On August 26, 2012By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News

Apple vs Samsung: The Reaction in South Korea

I’ve put together several quotes from the KoreaTimes, one of the leading news website in Korea. For obvious reasons, they are not please with the verdict handed down in the US. Steve Jobs was Deceptive: [box] “Set aside all the hanky panky about the U.S. jury’s $1.05 bil. verdict in favor of Apple over Samsung Electronics in their patent dispute. The real issue is whether the framework of the century-old patent laws, which served as the basis for the San Jose decision, has outlived its essential usefulness for inspiring innovation.Read More

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Samsung vs Apple: The Verdict

  The jury reached their decision at 2:35PM. SEC – Samsung Electroinc Co. STA – Samsung Telecommunication America SEA– Samsung Electronic America Apple Claims For each of the following products did Samsung (SEC, SEA, STA) infringe claim 19 of /301 patent Answer for all devices is YES SEA Galaxy Tab WiFi STA Yes for Captivate, Continuum, Droid Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Prevail, S 4G, S II, Galaxy Tab, The Gem, Indulge, Infuse 4G, Mesmerize, Nexus S 4G, Replenish and Vibrant Claim 8 of 915 patent SEA Yes on GalaxyRead More
  Virtually everyone in Internet services and server technology – if not Yahoo users themselves – has heard that Yahoo servers got cracked not long ago. To add insult to injury, the crackers not only breached Yahoo’s server security but also published in excess of 450,000 user accounts and passwords. Although virtually every news story used the word, “hackers,” instead of “crackers,” there are differences between the two words. What’s a Hacker? Hackers, in the true, original sense, were the Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, et al, of the computer world.Read More

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Apple vs Samsung: Closing Arguments

  Apple and Samsung legal teams have wrapped thing up in court yesterday with their closing arguments. The case has now been handed over for the Jury to decide. The Verge as always, has provided a brilliant live blog of the proceedings. I’ve put together highlights from both teams closing arguments below: Apple – Harold McElhinny (direct quotes) First, is that documents are the most valuable key in the truth-finding function. Historical documents are almost always where the truth lies. If you want to find out what really happened, if you wantRead More
Image Credit: Apple If you haven’t notice already, I’m a huge fan of Apple Inc. I love their products and also have a lot of admiration for the head of product design Sir Jonathan Ive. Speaking at a British Embassy event Sir Jony had this to say about the first iPhone, “There were multiple times where we nearly shelved the phone because we thought there were fundamental problems that we can’t solve.” He highlighted that one problem with an early prototype was the accidental dialling of numbers whenever it wasRead More
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is out and so are the reviews. I’ve put together snippets of several reviews for your reading pleasure. I’ve been using Mountain Lion Developers Preview along with iOS 6 beta for quite some time now. My verdict for those using Apple devices is to get this upgrade fast. It’s a no-brainer at the current price. OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and iOS 6 are great operation systems,  with iCloud providing a seamless integration between the two OSs. USA TODAY – Edward C. Baig: The new MacRead More
This month we’ll see the start of Apple’s patent trial against Samsung. Samsung has recently become the face of Android, hence a win for Apple would be a significant blow to Android. However, some people are not happy with these lawsuits. “Hey Apple why are you mad with Android, just innovate.” How many times have you read this statement before. It’s in the comment section in the most popular blogs and you can also find it in articles fromblog writers themselves. They think it’s a waste of resources for AppleRead More

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Apple vs Samsung: Legal Roundup

The battle between Apple vs Samsung has began in Australian Courts today. This is were Apple got its first significant victor over Samsung by getting the first Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban down under. Subsequently, Samsung engineer a work around that produced the Galaxy Tab 10.1 N, which went on sale. Slashgear reports, “Apple suing Samsung for their “slide-to-unlock” patent on Samsung products in general back in 2011. Samsung then countersued Apple with a set of 3G patents, these patents being standards-essential patents for technology needed for a device to be known asRead More

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Patents Litigations: Roundup.

The mobile computing space is currently dominated by two companies at the moment, Apple iOS and Google Android OS. However, the success of the Android OS has drawn the wrath of Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs. As a result, Apple has launch an astounding legal attack on OEMs for infringing Apple’s Hardware and Software patents. The legal battles is closely followed and enjoy huge coverage on the web. I personally found Florian Mueller’s Blog FossPatent to be the most informative. The Tech Storm will endeavour to provide the latest and bestRead More
  The possible launch of an iPad Mini is one of the most debated topic on the internet right now, including this site. However, there is one important reason why Apple may not produced such a device. Apple’s late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs trashed 7 inch tablets as being useless and DOA. Engadget has published an audio of Steve’s infamous rant on Apple 2010 4th Quarter conference call. In it he describes the 7 inch form factor as been too small to provide and engaging experience, suggesting that prospective buyers wouldRead More