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Times Tech writer –  Harry McCracken has posted an exclusive video of Steve Jobs describing the Mac as “insanely great” at the monthly general meeting of the Boston Computer Society. According to Harry McCracken, “the BCS version, all 90 minutes of it are there in the video at the top of this post, available for the first time in their entirety since they were shot on January 30, 1984.” Steve Jobs took the opportunity to decry a  future controlled by IBM and more importantly , suggests that the invention of Macintosh PCRead More

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Will The Next Steve Jobs Destroy Apple?

In a piece for Tech.pinion, Brian S Hall started off by praising Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs for his vision. According to report, “Jobs proved us wrong not just on technical matters, but on profound aspects of both technology and business by: Building a global retail chain Requiring customers to pay for content Demanding high-margins for hardware Choosing margin share over market share Emphasizing design over commoditization Building a touchscreen-only line of computers Banishing pornography All of these were business decisions that went against the accepted order. All were correct. InRead More
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Fascinating Insight Into How Apple Works By Dediu

In a fascinating interview with Calcalist radio, the largest economic newspaper in Israel, Horace Dediu gives us a scintillating insight into how Apple works. Horace Dediu is a well-respected analyst who knows a thing or two about Apple. Dediu started off by highlighting that Apple remains an enigma despite its vast success. This high level of mystery has resulted in countless rumors and analyses from about where the company is going to go next. Controversially, Dediu said that in some cases, Apple doesn’t really know what they are going to do next. Horace DedieuRead More
The San Francisco Gate has published several photos of past Apple employees at the company’s first  first official corporate address, 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., (Building 3, Suite C) in Cupertino, Calif in 1977. “The pair had successfully begun shipping their first computer, a naked circuit board called Apple I,” Jim Edwards writes for the SFGate. “It had neither a keyboard nor a screen, and functioned more as part of a kit that computer hobbyists could build into something more useful, if they knew what they were doing.” “The images are remarkable because they show life atRead More
In his new book – Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution, Fred Vogelstein describes how Steve Jobs was oblivious to the danger Google’s Android poses to the iPhone in the beginning. The way Jobs was handling Google should have made everyone at Apple feel better about the tension between the two companies. Instead, it made many of them feel worse. A handful of executives and engineers had been warning Jobs about Google’s ambitions with Android for two years, and they still believed Jobs was underestimating Google’s resolve. Why had theRead More
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The Truth About Steve Jobs and Philanthropy

The Truth About Steve Jobs and Philanthropy Steve Jobs has long been criticized  for his lack of generosity given his vast wealth. Especially, when compare to someone like Bill Gates, who has poured millions into his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other charities. However, this Financial Express piece paints a different picture of Steve Jobs and the philanthropy  work he conducts privately.  According to Larry Brilliant, a long-time friend of the Jobses and co-founded Seva in 1978, the commonly held belief that Steve Jobs was disinterested in philanthropy and things for the greaterRead More
“It Works Like Magic” – Magician Works SoHo Retail Store Check out this cool trick performed by Levi Sparkx at Apple’s SoHo Retail Store.  Levi Sparkx, a renowned street magician, trick involves making a coin appeared in the screen of an iPhone and then made it appear for real in his hands. No wonder Steve Jobs said the iPhone works like magic. SourceRead More
iPhone 6
It’s almost a forgone conclusion that the iPhone 6 will have a larger display, which would contradict yet another prediction from Apple that 4-inch is the ideal size for a smartphone. Remember Steve Jobs – take on tablets smaller than 9.7-inch. Steve Jobs disses 7-inch tablets in 2010: I’d like to comment on the avalanche of tablets poised to enter the market in the coming months. First, it appears to be just a handful of credible entrants, not exactly an avalanche. Second, almost all of them use seven-inch screens asRead More
Here are tidbits from Fred Vogelstein’s superb book – Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution. These tidbits were taken from the chapter – “I Though We Were Friends,” which provides an in-depth account of how Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs felt about Android in it’s early days. According to Vogelstein, the two companies were closely intertwined in the early days with few envisioning the strained relationship that exists today. Fred Vogelstein: Jobs had a convincing list of reasons to believe Google’s explanations [of Android]. The two companies’Read More
PrimeSense and Apple
Apple Reportedly Bought PrimeSense – Creators of Original Kinect Technology SlashGear (via Hillel Fuld) is reporting that Apple has supposedly bought PrimeSense, the company behind the motion-tracking technology found in the original Xbox 360 Kinect. A rumor of this deal first surfaced in July but was subsequently refuted by PrimeSense. It’s now being reported that PrimseSense officials were slightly economical with the truth, negotiations between the two companies have been ongoing. The deal is said to be worth around $345m, according to the report. Apple is reportedly interested in PrimseSense new technology – Capri, whichRead More

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Stunning Renders Of Apple’s Upcoming Campus

Stunning Renders Of Apple’s Upcoming Campus Wired: In these images, we see for the first time the space port-like entrance to the development’s subterranean parking lot, a cavernous cafeteria that spills into the grassy landscape beyond, and the glass pavilion that will serve as the entrance to Apple’s new underground auditorium — a secure lair where press will gather for future product launches. In short, these documents give us the most complete picture of Apple’s new home yet, a campus that Steve Jobs himself thought had a shot at beingRead More
In response to this post – Apple Should Buy Tesla, Name Elon Musk CEO, I stated the following on Google +: I personally believe that with Steve Jobs gone, Jony Ive is currently irreplaceable at Apple. And this is a very worrying position to be in as a company. I hope someone is being groomed to take over from Jony when he eventually goes. Subsequently, I came across this article on Forbes, which supports my view of Ive’s importance to Apple. Anthony Wing Kosner: “Could Jony Ive be the CEO of Apple?” IRead More