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Designer Adrian Maciburko has develop a new User Interface design for iOS, which would hopefully create a better user experience than the current skeuomorphism seen under Scott Forstall leadership. With Sir Jonathan Ive being now in control of Human Interface division at Apple, Naciburko believes that iOS 7 should adopt his crystal interface concept for iOS 7. “Some time ago I started to explore a crystal interface concept for iOS 7. I initially looked at the iOS notes app. Another app that I explored and applied the crystal interface concept to recently is the game center app,” Maciburko writes.Read More
Image Credit: Apple If you haven’t notice already, I’m a huge fan of Apple Inc. I love their products and also have a lot of admiration for the head of product design Sir Jonathan Ive. Speaking at a British Embassy event Sir Jony had this to say about the first iPhone, “There were multiple times where we nearly shelved the phone because we thought there were fundamental problems that we can’t solve.” He highlighted that one problem with an early prototype was the accidental dialling of numbers whenever it wasRead More