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Samsung and Apple in China
According to a TrendForce report from mainland China, iPhone users in China are Showing high interest in Samsung Galaxy S4.   China’s Central News Agency, is reporting that a recent study by TrendForce – China Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone Market Survey Report, illustrates that many Chinese consumers are interested in purchasing the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4. This group includes over half of current iPhone users in Mainland China, according to the report.   According TrendForce investigation, mainland consumers are showing a high interest in the Samsung S4, with more than halfRead More
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  Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB to Sell for €599 (£519) in most of Europe, Italy €699 According to the International Business Times, Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB is expected to sell for €599 (£519) in most of Europe with the exception of Italy, where it would carry a price tag of €699. Android Caotic was first to report that Galaxy S4 will cost €699 (approximately £605) in Italy, after speaking  anonymous source close to Samsung in the country. Based on previous pricing strategies employed by Samsung for their Galaxy products, it can be concluded that the priceRead More

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Samsung Galaxy S4 First Impressions Roundup

Samsung has unleashed their latest flagship smartphone to the world yesterday. Here is a roundup of what the tech world has to say about the Samsung Galaxy S4. Engadget [quote] Overwhelmed yet? You should be. The Galaxy S 4 is a testament to Samsung’s ethos: an unabashed focus on features over design, and an immense desire to fork Android as best it can. Still, as much as its add-ons differentiate this handset from last year’s, we can’t shake the feeling that the GS 4 falls flat next to the competition. InRead More
According to Money Today – a Seoul based daily newspaper, Samsung will introduce the prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Samsung Electronics’ vice chairman Lee Jae-yong and president of the company’s IT & mobile communications (IM) division Shin Jong-kyun are set to leave for Las Vegas on January 9, Hak – Yeol Lee reports for Money Today. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held in Las Vegas on January 8-11. Apparently the two executives will introduce the prototype of the Galaxy S4 in aRead More