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Here is T3 concept of the world most powerful smartphone. The phone’s design was inspired by the likes of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Nokia. Best of all, it comes with both Android and iOS operating systems. T3: Naturally our smartphones wouldn’t be industry-leading without an incredible screen which is why we took the 5-inch Full-HD display from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and overlayed it with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. To make sure it ran as well as it looked we took two brand-new quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chips and combined them with aRead More
Yonhap – a South Korean news agency is reporting that Samsung has sold in excess of 20 million Samsung Galaxy S4 in two months – worldwide. The Galaxy S4 which was released on April 26, sold more that 10 million worldwide at the end of May. At this current rate, sales should be in the region of 20 million at the end of June, the report speculates. This will be great news for Samsung fans and investors. The Galaxy S3 took 100 days to cross the 20 million line. “GalaxyRead More
Comebuy Tengda N9500
Taking a leave from Engadget’s playbook, this is our first Keepin’ it Real Fake article featuring the Comebuy Tengda N9500 posing as the poor man’s Samsung Galaxy S4. In a press release advertising the new smartphone, Comebuy stated that the Tengda N9500 proves that the Chinese manufacturers’ have not lost their ability to mimic once again. According to the report: GALAXY S4 has an eight-core processor, while Tengda N9500 uses the famous four-core processor MTK6589. Comebuy Tengda N9500 ​​supports dual-card-two-standby, a victory over Samsung GALAXY S4 in this regard, but comparing ROM and memory card,Read More

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Which is the Fairest Smartphone of them All?

There has been some controversy surrounding smartphones and the materials used to manufacture them. Should a plastic handset really be considered high-end? Are glass coated devices too fragile for everyday knocks and bumps? Is moulding a phone out of metal the best way to create an attractive bit of tech? And amongst the huge number of smartphones now on the market there are some extremely brash examples of handset design like the recently unveiled BLU Amour, which features fake Swarovski diamonds in its ‘luxury’ design. Yet when it comes toRead More
According to a report from Foss Patent , Apple has recently informed a US court that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Google Now App have infringed at least five of their patents. “Last week Apple informed the court that it intended to amend its infringement contentions in the second California patent litigation with Samsung to target the Galaxy S4,” Mueller writes for Fosspatent. “Apple has now filed the motion it announced, and it specifies five patents allegedly infringed by the S4 as well as two patents allegedly infringed by the Google NowRead More
According to a new report from Yonhap – a Seoul-based news agency – Consumer Reports have recommended the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the best smartphone on three major mobile carriers in the United States. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Inc. received the highest score among smartphones available at On AT&T Inc., T-Mobile and Sprint Nextel Corp. Unfortunately, we are not able to link to the Consumer Report article at this time, so we have to take this Yonhap report for what it is. The Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly received the top scores in the categories of voiceRead More
PhoneArena has posted purported images of the yet-to-be-unveil Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. The Samsung Galaxy s4 is expected to unveil later this month according to numerous reports. According to the report, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will be a smaller version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 – featuring a 4.3-inch display instead of the 5-inches. “For those who can’t handle the 5 inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4, the 4.3 inch display could be easier to wield,” Alan F. writes for PhoneArena. “But with the smaller screen comes lessRead More
Samsung stole nikon photo
Samsung Used Photographer’s Nikon Photo in Advertisement  Without Permission. According to a report by PetaPixel, Sasmung has found itself in a rather familiar position of being accused of using others’ work without permission. This time the Company found itself in a copyright infringement controversy when it used another photographer’s photo in an advertisement on its Facebook page. Embarrassingly, the advertisement alluded to the fact that the photo was taken by a Samsung photographers using a Samsung camera. However, it later turned out that the photo was taken by one Danny Santos II, who noticed  his photo, which wasRead More
Updated May, 8. Here are two methods owners can ‘reportedly’ use to temporarily fix the ‘smearing’ issue on their Samsung Galaxy S4. XDA Developer User – bala_gamer: As of now we all know that almost all s4 units is suffering from smearing issue. After fiddling with some apps here and there I found a temporary solution , this should be handy until Samsung fixes it. I suggest two method for this issue, Method 1 adjusts the rgb values of the screen(overlays) .Method 2 adjusts the contrast levels of the screen. With both the aboveRead More

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews

  The Samsung Galaxy S4 reviews are out from all the major tech blogs. The general consensus is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is ‘good’ smartphone, but not a ‘great’ one. Times Tech –  Harry McCracken So where does that leave the S 4 compared with its major competitors? If you want the most polished phone with the best selection of apps, the iPhone 5 still has no peer. If you crave Apple-like panache but love Android, HTC’s One is a fine choice. And if what you want is the mainstream phone withRead More
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Event in Australia Set for April 23 According to a report from TechAu, Samsung will be holding a launch event for their new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Sydney, Australia tomorrow. Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone was unveiled in New York to much fanfare last month. The new device is set to feature the following: Screen Size: 5-inch Screen Resolution: 441ppi, Super AMOLED Display Resolution: 1920×1080 Android Version: Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Cameras: 13 MP back, 2 MP front Battery: 2,600 mAh RAM: 2GB Storage: 16/32/64GB with microSD slot for up to 64GB “Tomorrow nightRead More
Samsung Galaxy S4
According to a report coming out of China, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming to China Unicom by the end of this month. Based on reports from dealers, China Unicom has issued notice that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released this month. It is set to have a similar pricing model to that of the iPhone 5. However, the exact price and subsidy level is still unknown. There is also no word on when the smartphone will come to China Telecom and China Mobile, according to the report. Recently, AT&T has announced the pre-order theRead More