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The San Francisco Gate has published several photos of past Apple employees at the company’s first  first official corporate address, 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., (Building 3, Suite C) in Cupertino, Calif in 1977. “The pair had successfully begun shipping their first computer, a naked circuit board called Apple I,” Jim Edwards writes for the SFGate. “It had neither a keyboard nor a screen, and functioned more as part of a kit that computer hobbyists could build into something more useful, if they knew what they were doing.” “The images are remarkable because they show life atRead More
It appears that Qualcomm CMO Anand Chandrasekher has gotten into trouble with his bosses for declaring in a recent interview, that Apple’s 64-bit architecture in their A7 Chip was a marketing gimmick. “I know there’s a lot of noise because Apple did [64-bit] on their A7,” Chandrasekher said. “I think they are doing a marketing gimmick. There’s zero benefit a consumer gets from that.” Chandrasekher’s comments has forced the Qualcomm PR department to distance themselves from these remarks. “The comments made by Anand Chandrasekher, Qualcomm CMO, about 64-bit computing were inaccurate,”Read More
I got up early this morning and thought it would be a good idea to pop down to my local Apple Store. All things being equal, I could get lucky and bag myself an iPhone 5s (Gold). I got to my store at about 30 minutes before opening time and suffice it to say, that was too late. Here are some of the key takeaways from my experience: The folks at Samsung need to do another advert, people are still lining up for the iPhone. Somehow the memo didn’t getRead More

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High Resolution Photos of the iPad 5 Back Housing

High Resolution Photos of the iPad 5 Back Housing Based on the number of leaked photos and videos of Apple’s yet-to-be-announced iPad 5, it’s all but confirmed that the new tablet will sport a major hardware redesigned. All the photos and videos of the next generation 9.7-inch iPad hints at an iPad mini-like design. The iPad will reportedly feature a slimmer and lighter profile compared to the previous generation iPads. However, it’s yet to be seen if an outstanding hardware design will help Apple maintain its advantage in the tablet market.Read More
People love publishing pictures on Internet today and the trend has been simply on the rise, thanks to the emergence of various photo-sharing websites, social networks and other communities. So, if you also want to join the bandwagon, then a good photo editing suite can make this process a cake-walk for you even if you are a beginner. Utility and Ease of Usage The biggest reason why professionals and even amateur photographers go for photo editing software is that they help them give that professional touch to their pictures. TheseRead More
Low Cost iPhone 1 (via Apple Daily – a Taiwan Tech website) has posted alleged photos of the low cost iPhone outer plastic shells in colors of red, yellow, white, blue and green. The news outlet also posted a photo of the iPhone 5S body frame. Key highlights from report:  Low cost iPhone will be similar in size to the current size of the iPhone. The low cost iPhone screen size is 4 inches, but the length and breadth are 2-3mm longer. As for the iPhone 5S, spy photos leaked part of its framework. The iPhoneRead More

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Photos and Video of Low-Cost iPhone

Techdy Blog has published photos and video of the purported white low-cost iPhone today. The article revealed the body shell and the display of Apple’s rumored low -cost iPhone. The Budget iPhone from TakeMovi on Vimeo. Chris Chang for Techdy Blog: Recently, the rear shell of Apple’s rumored budget iPhone was leaked in the colors white, red, green, blue and yellow. Some people think the shells could be Chinese copies, while some believe the low-cost iPhone would probably look like the leaked rear shells. Today, we got Apple’s budget iPhone inRead More

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Photos of iOS 7 Running on an iPad

  At WWDC 2013 Apple release Beta version 1 of iOS 7 for the iPhone and iPod touch. However, the iPad did not make the cut this time round. Apple stated that the beta version of iOS 7 in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Apfelpage (via Sonny Dickson) has released photos of images showing iOS 7 beta running on an iPad. Notification Center     Contacts     Game Centre     Spotlight     Settings     Safari     Maps         Control Center   News Stand        Photo App  Read More
Beginners Guide to Creating 360 Degree Panoramic Photos The most important factor in panorama 360 is the stitching software used that helps to combine series of pictures or frame together. You can use any software, including Auto Pano for creating 360 degree picture. Outdoor and Indoor Photography For outdoor photos, you can simply stand in one place and take the picture, rotating around the camera, ensuring that there is enough overlap between pictures, so that the stitching software can identify how to connect the frames or dotted lines. The amountRead More
Instagram introduces face and brand tagging via new ‘Photos of You’ section A year after Facebook acquired Instagram, the popular mobile photo sharing app introduced their image tagging feature option on their ‘Photos of You’ section. In a blog post, Instagram said that they’re allowing their users to add people, objects and even brands to their photos. Before, users were only allowed to include photo title and location. Image courtesy: Instagram “Your captions and hashtags capture the “what?” and your Photo Map answers the “where?” but until today we’ve neverRead More

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Photos of Apple’s iPhone 5 Clone – “GooPhone i5”

This story is pretty old, however its worth having a look at the extent companies will go to make clones of successful products. As the saying goes -“Imitation is the best form of flattery.” In a way, Apple should be proud of their achievement with the iPhone, can’t remember seeing anyone cloning the Galaxy S Smartphone series. Check out this gallery of these photos of Goophone i5, first published by GizChina Tech Quotes..quotes from the best tech news and writings on the web.Read More

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Purported Photos of The iPad 5 Backplate Posted By 9to5mac

Photos of the iPad 5 Rumors of Apple products set to launch in 2013 is coming thick and fast. Yesterday, iLounge posted mocked up photos of the ‘budget iPhone’. A few hours later, 9to5mac is posting purported photos of  the iPad 5 backplate. According to the post, the new iPad will have a similar design as seen in the iPad mini, featuring a “the black & slate/white & silver design language, thinner casing, chamfered edges, and a smaller overall footprint.” According to the post: [quote] Today, we received an unverified image fromRead More