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Posted On September 5, 2012By Guest AuthorIn Editorials

Saving Money on Your Phone, Internet and TV

Making a budget is a challenge but there are some things that you can’t avoid using such as the internet, television and your phone. Here are some tips on saving money on internet, TV and phone. Saving Money on Phone A lot of people are giving up their landlines; however, you might need to use the service for visitors or babysitters. For this, you may consider using internet phone services. These services use VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol as a means to make and receive calls over the internet. Read More

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Leaked Photos of Nokia 920 Windows 8 Phones

  [box] Ahead of Nokia’s Windows Phone event, there’s been plenty of discussion about the Nokia Lumia 920’s PureView classification — not to mention about what location-focused software the Finnish company has in the works — and now we’re also getting a sneak peek at the hardware that’s about to be unveiled. Yesterday, leaked press photos of a Lumia wireless charging pad suggested that the new phone will be available in yellow and red. Based on a tweet from EVLeaks today, it looks like the Lumia 920 will be availableRead More
  Virtually everyone in Internet services and server technology – if not Yahoo users themselves – has heard that Yahoo servers got cracked not long ago. To add insult to injury, the crackers not only breached Yahoo’s server security but also published in excess of 450,000 user accounts and passwords. Although virtually every news story used the word, “hackers,” instead of “crackers,” there are differences between the two words. What’s a Hacker? Hackers, in the true, original sense, were the Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, et al, of the computer world.Read More
If you have an Apple device running iOS, there is very high possibility you have came across the term jailbreaking. Another term that is all widely used in unlocking your phone (iPhone in this case). There are many websites and phone repair shops offering these services and guidelines to unlock or/and jailbreak iPhone, in most cases for a small fee.  This article would seek to explain both of these terms and its up to you to decide whether this is for you. Jailbreaking Jailbreaking is involves modifying the  iOS  operatingRead More

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Apple vs Samsung: Susan Kare’s testimony

Image Credit: kareprints Susan Kare, a former Apple designer testified in court on Tuesday. Kare was in court as an expert witness for Apple. According to a Forbes report, Kare revealed that the Samsung’s smartphones and the iPhones bares similarities that was “beyond coincidental” Susan Kare testimony highlights: “It seemed likely to me that Samsung used iPhone screen graphics as a guide “.  Kare said that at one point, when trying to pick up an iPhone to make a point when talking to lawyers about the case that she accidentally pickedRead More

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Apple vs Samsung: Scot Forstall’s testimony

Image Credit: Apple  This is Part 11 of our coverage of the Phil Schiller and Scot Forstall testimony in the Apple vs Samsung trial. These snippets are from The Verge live blog from the court room. Scott Forstall’s testimony highlights: OS X – “So, the goal of an operating system is to run all of the machine. Basically, drive the machine. And we wanted an operating system that could last for another 20 years. The operating system that Apple had at the time didn’t have those legs.”Read More
Just yesterday we reported that Apple has asked for an emergency sanction against Samsung for leaking inadmissible evidence to the press. It is now clear what Apple want this sanction to be. Apple wants Judge Koh to rule in their favour with regards to the design patent claims. Mueller of FossPatent reports: Apple argues that monetary sanctions are not enough for such an attempt to influence the jury and apparently didn’t deter Samsung’s conduct before: the Korean electronics giant has already been sanctioned four times in this litigation, most recentlyRead More
Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone appears to have done exceedingly well since it’s launch. AFP is reporting that Samsung may have sold 10 million of its Galaxy S3 since debuting in May this year. The report states: The Korean firm, which is battling with Apple’s iPhone and iPad for supremacy in the lucrative smartphone and tablet market, has seen heavy demand for its new Galaxy S III phone, which was introduced in Europe in May. “It appears that it (accumulated sales) has exceeded 10 million units,” said J.K. Shin, head ofRead More

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RIM CEO: We are still fighting

The Globe and Mail has posted a letter from Research in Motion (RIM) the  Blackberry maker CEO Thorsten Heins appealing to investors and Blackberry fans. See full content below: Don’t count BlackBerry out. In recent weeks, it’s become fashionable for pundits and market watchers to alternately eulogize Research In Motion as a fallen pioneer and demonize management for not chopping up the company to sell for parts. As President and CEO of RIM, I understand the frustration and impatience of RIM’s shareholders and their eagerness to see the company start toRead More