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News of Apple’s Touch ID hacking spread like wild-fire on the web recently, causing many Apple critics to rejoice, saying “I told you so.” “So, apparently and contrary to Apple’s corpospeak—and all the echoes from the Cupertino chorus line—it appears your iPhone’s fingerprint security can be broken, with a camera, a laser printer, and some wood glue—just like every other fingerprint sensor in the world,” Jesus Diaz writes for Gizmodo.  “The fingerprint sensor is still convenient, but don’t depend on it to protect any sensitive information in your iPhone. If you think someone may beRead More
The Telegraph has posted a great piece of the geeks and geniuses who have created Apple’s latest software and hardware products. The iPhone 5s has received rave reviews, especially the Touch ID feature, which works like nothing before it. iOS 7 has had some mixed reviews, given its radical redesigned. The list compiled by the Telegraph include: Sir Jonathan Ive (Boss),  Benjamin Pope, Mark Zimmer,  Geoff Stahl, Nicholas Merz, Scott Myers and Daniel Jarvis. Unlike the Telegraph report, I’ve attempted to add a profile photo of these gentlemen.   Sir Jonathan Ive – The bossRead More
I got up early this morning and thought it would be a good idea to pop down to my local Apple Store. All things being equal, I could get lucky and bag myself an iPhone 5s (Gold). I got to my store at about 30 minutes before opening time and suffice it to say, that was too late. Here are some of the key takeaways from my experience: The folks at Samsung need to do another advert, people are still lining up for the iPhone. Somehow the memo didn’t getRead More
  Credit: Bloomberg Businessweek In a revealing interview with Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Sam Grobart, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed Apple’s smartphone strategy and more. He  made it clear that Apple stock price woes do not bother him too much and he’s more interesting in fighting for customer at the higher end of the smartphone market. Here are key quotes from the interview: Tim Cook on Apple’s Stock Price: I don’t feel euphoric on the up, and I don’t slit my wrists when it goes down. I have ridden the roller coasterRead More

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iPhone 5s Reviews Roundup

On the Spetember the 18, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS7 reviews have hit the web. The general consensus is that the new iPhones are winners. And the shining star is the iPhone 5s fingerprint Touch ID technology. This will  be great news for Apple, since this is one of the worthy reason for upgrading to an iPhone 5s from an iPhone 5 other than for a better camera. Here is our list of the best iPhone 5s review currently on the internet: 1. A New Touch for iPhone -Walt MossbergRead More
Is Apple’s iBeacon About to Kill Near Field Communication Mobile Payment? One glaring omission from the Specification webpages of Apple’s latest iPhones is Near Field Communication (NFC). This is counted as a perceived weakness of the new devices despite a lack of a decent  real world use of such a feature. That is, there is nothing understanding or life changing about having NFC on your smartphone at the moment. And Apple has said as much. Hence, the absence of the features in the new iPhones. Of course, many Samsung smartphone owners will pointRead More

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More Details on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Surface

More Details on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Surface is reporting that they received dummy models of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The dummies was reportedly given to them by, a company that supplied the blog with  mockups of the iPad mini in the past and is very reliable. According to the report, the iPhone 5S will be a slight upgrade from the iPhone 5. It will sport a 12-megapixel camera and 2GB RAM. Regarding the iPhone 5C, the report indicates that the phone will have the following:Read More
In a new blog post, Sonny Dickson has slammed the latest leaks of the Black iPhone 5C as “embarrassingly” fake. According to Sonny, the “leaked” black iPhone 5C photos are in fact nothing more than a cheap, crudely-constructed dummy phone available to buy for a mere $13.39 from This begs the question, is his photos from the same place? Anyway, Sonny stated that he can exclusively confirm that not only will Apple not offer a black color option for the iPhone 5C but never planned a black color option in the firstRead More
More images of the yet to be announced Nokia Tablet -code named RX – 114 surface. Based on the leaked photos, the tablet is likely to run Windows 8 and  an Adreno 330 GPU/ Snapdragon 800 processor. Nokia has dominated the mobile phone market for years, before being overtaken by Samsung. This will be the company’s major foray into the  Tablet market, currently dominated by the iPad.Read More
Former Apple CEO, John Scully shared some interesting insight into what it was like to work with Seve Jobs in an interview with CNBC TV18. John Sculley  was hired by Steve Jobs and joined Apple on April 8, 1983. He left Apple in 1993. According to Scully, Steve Jobs would go for walks at 1am in the mulling about how he can make “a dent in the universe.” Steve would also talk about “Zoom Out: Connect the Dots and Zoom In: Simplify, Scully states. Interestingly, he also states that Apple wasRead More

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iPhone Concept 6m is from Designed by M

Today our featured iPhone concept is from Designed by M. The concept showcase a next-generation iPhone called -iPhone 6m. iPhone 6m sports sharp corners (Steve Jobs would not have approved) a slimmer body (20% thinner than the iPhone 5). Designed by M: Introducing the iPhone 6m! (You didn’t think we’d name it anything else did you?) It’s not over the top, but it’s enough to make you trade in your iPhone 5. We changed the shape, adding sharper angles to the usually round corners giving it an edgy, futuristic look and feel.Read More
A few days ago we published a photo of a purported iPhone 5S frame, which is metallic (very likely aluminium). Here we have another photo of a batch of similar iPhone 5S frames going apparently heading for the production line. According to numerous reports, Apple is set to launch two iPhones later this year: An iPhone 5S with similar design and aluminium casing as seen in the iPhone 5. A low cost/cheaper iPhone with a polycarbonate outer body casing. A new report from BusinessInsider highlights that one Apple analyst –  Jefferies PeterRead More