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Seoul Court: Apple Did Not Infringe Samsung’s Patents

The Times is reporting that has a Seoul Central District Court judge ruled that Apple did not violate Samsung’s intellectual property rights. According to the report,  Judge Shim Woo-yong stated that the technology in question is not unique and could easily be independently developed by others. “We are glad the Korean court joined others around the world in standing up for real innovation and rejecting Samsung’s ridiculous claims,” Apple Inc. spokesman Steve Park said. “Samsung Electronics Co. sued Apple in March 2012, accusing the iPhone maker of illegally using three patentedRead More
Apple and Blackberry
Reuters that Apple, Microsoft Corp and Lenovo Group Ltd are among a group of tech companies that tried to acquire Blackberry  intellectual property and patents. However, BlackBerry Ltd’s board rejected the proposal. According to the report, the board of the Canadian smartphone maker does not believe it’s in the best interest of the company to break up it’s assets. “The board rejected proposals from several technology companies for various BlackBerry assets on grounds that a break-up did not serve the interest of all stakeholders, which include employees, customers and suppliers in addition toRead More
8,386,677 Communicating location information between a portable device and an accessory
Patents granted to Apple by the USPTO on February 26, include – Communicating location information between a portable device and an accessory and  and Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple protocol versions and extended interface lingo  US 8,386,677- Communicating Location Information between a Portable Device and an Accessory and other Patents Granted to Apple The list of patents granted to Apple by the USPTO on February 26, include – Communicating location information between a portable device and an accessory,  Computer interface having a virtual single-layer mode for viewing overlapping objects, User interface gestures and Communication betweenRead More
Philip Elmer – DeWitt: [quote] In April 2011, three months before Motorola, Apple (AAPL) filed a complaint charging that Samsung’s smartphones and tablets were infringing Apple’s patents, trademarks and designs. The case went to trial 16 months later, and a jury ruled in Apple’s favor, famously assessing Samsung $1.05 billion in damages. Nearly half a year has passed, and no injunction has been granted, no fines have been paid and the judge has yet to issue a final ruling on the damages. While the legal procedures drag on, Samsung is freeRead More

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BBC: Facebook Sued Over – Like – Button

Facebook sued over like button According to a report from the BBC, “the widow of a Dutch programmer is seeking damages from Facebook over its use of the patented technology. The lawsuit relates to the use of the “like” button and other features of the social network, according to the report. BBC: [quote] It (Facebook) is being sued by a patent-holding company acting on behalf of a dead Dutch programmer called Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer. Rembrandt Social Media said Facebook’s success was based, in part, on using two ofRead More

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A roundup of Apple lawsuits in January 2013

A roundup of Apple lawsuits in January 2013 Technology Tell: Apple lawsuits for the month of January 2013 had the ever present patent lawsuits and many rulings in the Apple vs. Samsung case. Apple’s false advertising claim it brought against Amazon’s App Store has been dismissed, with the judge citing lack of proof of confusion as the reason for the dismissal. The California Supreme Court decided that Apple and other online retailers didn’t break California law by asking people to provide their address and phone number before they used credit cards to make payments.Read More
According to Reuters, Apple loses bid for a sales ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. A U.S. Appeals Court Thursday  denied Apple’s request to ban sales of the Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone, the case is schedule to go to trial in March 2014.. The panel rejected Apple’s request to impose a sales ban on Samsung’s Nexus smartphone ahead of a trial set for March 2014. Judge Lucy Koh had granted Apple a sales ban last February based on the U.S Patent No. 8,086,604. This patent relates to Siri and unified search functionality. ThisRead More

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Patents Granted To Apple By USPTO On January 29, 2013

Patents Granted to Apple Here is our list of the top patents granted to Apple by the USPTO today. The list include: Device, method, and graphical user interface for zooming out on a touch-screen display ,  Motion based payment confirmation, Systems and methods for integrating a portable electronic device with a bicycle US 8,364,600 This is another patent that points to Apple’s ambition for iWallet, which should make its debut this year. This will make it very easy for individuals to make online transaction without having to enter a username and password forRead More

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Patents Granted to Apple by USPTO on January 8, 2013

Here is our roundup of some of the patents granted to Apple by the USPTO today. The list include – Camera as input interface, Media content and chat integration, Push notification service, Top search hits based on learned user preferences and Invertible ear tips for an ear piece. 8,351,979 Camera as input interface  This a very cool patent by Apple here. It mightnot be super useful for everyone, however, it will definitely be useful to me. In this patent, Apple is allowing users of iPhones to rewind and fast forwards voicemails without lookingRead More

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Patents Granted to Apple by USPTO – January 1, 2013

        Here is a list of patents granted to Apple by the USPTO on January 1, 2013. The list includes the following patents – Visual presentation of multiple internet pages, Text to speech conversion of text messages from mobile communication devices and Protective cover for a tablet computer. US 8,347,238 Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing user interface content and user interface elements by dynamic snapping of user interface elements to alignment guides  This patent could possibly find itself in the patent war. In my opinion its veryRead More
Back in October, Judge Pender preliminary ruling found that  Samsung has infringed four of  Apple patents. Mueller of Fosspatent fame, has reported that a  redacted full-length version of Judge Pender’s initial determination and recommendation on remedy and bond has been posted on the ITC electronic system. The publication apparently does not make great reading for Samsung’s loyalists. According Mueller, Samsung could face the following sanctions if the U.S. trade agency adopts Judge Penders recommendations, these are: a U.S. import ban that would enter into effect after the 60-day Presidential review period following a finalRead More
  US 8,336,334 Glass alignment for high temperature processes   This patent could very well result in nicely curved iOS devices as seen in the Google Nexus phone design.  Apparatus, systems and methods for alignment of a glass member for high temperature processing are disclosed. The high temperature processing can, for example, pertain to a slumping process to mold glass into a predetermined shape (e.g., a three-dimensional shape). In one embodiment, a glass slumping system can have a mold and an alignment system that support a glass member to be slumpedRead More