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Writing for Seeking Alpha, Kyle Spencer (research analyst) suggests that $2.5 trillion credit card industry is about to be disrupted by Apple. According to Kyle Spencer, “credit cards were never designed with the Web in mind. The combination of Multi-Factor Authentication, QR scanning, mobile phones, public ledgers and biometrics offers both a more frictionless experience than plastic and are thus more suited to today’s Web saturated world.” Spencer believes that Apple has the patents and the infrastructure to take on all newcomers and current players in this space. The recently announced collaboration between Samsung andRead More
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Earlier today we reported that Apple has been granted a summary judgement on one of their patent  titled – Method, system, and graphical user interface for providing word recommendations  (U.S. Patent No. 8,074,172) by federal judge Lucy Koh. Samsung devices were found to have  infringed claim 18 of the U.S. Patent No. 8,074,172) : If successful, this patent could spell trouble for almost all Android devices. According in her summary judgement, judge Lucy Koh stated that Apple’s expert Professor Andrew Cockburn was able to demonstrate that Samsung devices involved in the lawsuit were infringing claimRead More
Foss Patents is reporting that US Judge Lucy Koh has handed down a summary judgement late on Tuesday 24, declaring that Samsung‘s Android-based devices have infringed an Apple patent on word recommendations (autocomplete) and a Samsung patent on multimedia synchronization invalid. This judgement is in relation to the second Apple v. Samsung multi-patent trial in the Northern District of California scheduled to begin on March 31, 2014. Judge Koh denied a couple of other summary judgment requests by Apple and the entirety of Samsung’s related motion, leaving those issues to a federal jury, the reportRead More
According to Patently Apple, the European Patent Office has recently published a patent application by Apple for flexible displays which was filed in Korea.  The report said the patent application was filed by Apple’s engineers under their individual names without listing Apple as the official assignee. This suggests the company was trying to keep this away from the public as long as possible. The patent describes an electronic device with a flexible display, “which technically could represent any one of the following devices: a laptop, tablet, a somewhat smaller device such as a wrist-watch device,Read More
AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has been granted a patent titled – Curved Touch Sensor (U.S. Patent No. 8,603,574) by the USPTO today. According to the patent describes manufacturing technique that produces accurate, curved touch surfaces without deficiencies caused by substrate warping or deformation, the report said. Abstract of the Invention: A method of forming a curved touch surface is disclosed. The method can include depositing and patterning a conductive thin film on a flexible substrate to form at least one touch sensor pattern, while the flexible substrate is in aRead More
Touch ID

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New Apple Patent Reveals Big Plans For Touch ID

Unwired View (via MacRumors) has uncovered a new patent from Apple that shows the Cuperitino-based company is just getting started with its fingerprint technology – Touch ID. The patent in question is titled – “Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Manipulating User Interfaces Based on Fingerprint Sensor Inputs”, and was published by Wolrd Intellectual Property Organization database last week. According to the report, an iOS device with Touch ID in its Home button will enable users to perform multi touch gestures using the Home button. Apple proposed a Touch ID design that involvesRead More
A new technology that allows users to text using their eyes has been granted to TelepathEye Inc, according to a press release. I can see this technology being snapped up by Google or Apple in the near future. According to the press release: Patent 8,531,355, Unitized, Vision-Controlled, Wireless Eyeglass Transceiver, covers the technology for an eyewear device that projects an augmented reality menu of alphanumeric characters or symbols and detects the wearer’s eye gaze. These characters are arranged on a virtual flywheel that makes only a few visible at aRead More
Apple Patents Fingerprint scanner
  Apple’s NFC Fingerprint Scanner and the Patent that will Stop Others from Copying It Recently, leaked photos of the iPhone 5S Box showing a redesigned iPhone 5S Home button has caused quite a stir on the internet with many media outlets reporting that these images might be genuine. The main reason for the excitement was that the silver ring on the Home button suggest that Apple may be using the fingerprint sensor technology from AuthenTec, a company they bought last year. Yesterday, we briefly covered AuthenTec’s fingerprint technology and how AppleRead More
8,386,677 Communicating location information between a portable device and an accessory
Patents granted to Apple by the USPTO on February 26, include – Communicating location information between a portable device and an accessory and  and Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple protocol versions and extended interface lingo  US 8,386,677- Communicating Location Information between a Portable Device and an Accessory and other Patents Granted to Apple The list of patents granted to Apple by the USPTO on February 26, include – Communicating location information between a portable device and an accessory,  Computer interface having a virtual single-layer mode for viewing overlapping objects, User interface gestures and Communication betweenRead More
Here Comes Apple iWatch Patent – Bi-Stable Spring With Flexible Display (20130044215) There have been numerous rumors that Apple is in the process of launching an iWatch device. Today the USPTO has published a patent application by Apple in which the company reveals that they are indeed working on such a device. The patent in question is titled – Bi – Stable Spring With Flexible Display (20130044215) Patent Abstract: [quote] A wearable accessory device is disclosed. The wearable accessory device includes a flexible display coupled to a bi-stable spring. CouplingRead More
TechWeb, a Chinese website, published a very interesting interview involving Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt. It’s hard to decipher when or where this interview took place since the article was published in Chinese Here are some of the interesting things Schmidt supposedly discussed (via Google translation):   Eric Schmidt on business in China:  [quote] Whether it is 10 years ago that the small company, now, Google has always been a lofty goal, this goal allows us to recruit employees those who aspire to solve major problems. We focus on recruiting the best programmers,Read More

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Is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Serious About OLED?

Is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Serious About OLED? Doug Ehrman, writing for Motely Fool, pointed out that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook comments on OLED display is reminiscent of his predecessor Steve Jobs’ – Thoughts on Flash. However, Ehrman believes that Apple has a lot to lose, in this scenario, if they do not adopt OLED. Doug Ehrman: [quote] Fast-forward to today, and you have to wonder if Tim Cook’s railing against OLED technology at a recent Goldman Sachs event is a little bit of history repeating itself. One of the highlight buzzes of thisRead More