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A Microsoft blog post by  Steve Clayton highlights that the company has some great visions for the future. However, this is what Microsoft appears to do best at the moment – produce concept videos. On the other hands, competitors such as Google and Apple continue to innovate and ship products e.g Google Glass. Here is Microsoft’s TellMe concept video:   And here is Apple’s Siri:    In his post – Step inside the Microsoft Envisioning Center, Steve Clayton had this to say:  [quote] When dramatic technology changes are on the horizon, just describingRead More
Microsoft Surface Pro Receives Catwalk Treatment And New TV Ad The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is set to unveil a new Surface Pro commercial at tonight’s Grammy awards. In addition,  a YouTube video shows Microsoft’s Panos Panay took the Microsoft Surface Pro for a spin on the catwalk. According to the report: [quote] In his trademark style of giving away the product to audience members, Panay produced two Surface Pro tablets for onlookers before unveiling the new TV ad. Initial reports have suggested that Microsoft has sold out of the 128GBRead More
Microsoft Involvement in Dell Privatisation Might Not Benefit The Company Digitimes is reporting that Acer founder Stan Shih, has commented that Dell’s US$2 billion loan from Microsoft may result in more harm than good in the long run for the company. “Acer founder Stan Shih, commenting on reports about Microsoft’s US$2 billion loan to Dell to aid the PC vendor’s privatization, said that Microsoft’s “professional advice” may instead block Dell’s road to transformation,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for Digitimes. “Shin believes that Dell’s privatization aims at a flexible transformation withoutRead More
Next Xbox Will Not Play Second-hand Games And Comes With New Kinect Edge have revealed that according to sources, with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console, the next Xbox will come with a new version of Xbox Live,  improved Kinect hardware and will require constant internet access to function. Edge: [quote] Sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console have told us that although the next Xbox will be absolutely committed to online functionality, games will still be made available to purchase in physical form. Next Xbox gamesRead More

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Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews Roundup

Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews Here we go folks, the Microsoft Surface Pro reviews are out so lets see what people are saying about Microsoft’s ‘no compromise’ tablet computer. Walt Mossberg – Surface Pro: Hefty Tablet Is a Laptop Lightweight [quote] I like the original Surface and see it as a tablet with the extra benefit of some Microsoft Office programs. However, I am less enamored with the Surface Pro. It’s too hefty and costly and power-hungry to best the leading tablet, Apple’s full-size iPad. It is also too difficult to useRead More
Digitime is reporting that the sales of Microsoft Windows RT tablet sales for 2012 is likely to be less than one million units. According to the article, Taiwan-based supply chain makers, are reporting that there have been about two million Windows RT tablets shipped globally, fewer than the 4-4.5 million units originally expected to be shipped as of the end of 2012. Monica Chen and Adam Hwang report: [quote] Since Microsoft announced Surface in mid-2012, some partners gave up plans to develop Windows RT tablets, resulting in the launch of Surface RTRead More
Yesterday, Microsoft announced quarterly revenue of $21.46 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2012. With operating income – $7.77 billion, net income $6.38 billion and diluted earnings per share for the quarter were $0.76 per share. Wall Street was looking for earnings of 75 cents a share on revenue of $21.53 billion. However, according to a report from Digitimes, Microsoft hierarchy clearly believes that things could be a lot better. Digitime is reporting that Micrsoft is about to take a leaf out of their tablet playbook (launching of the Surface tablet) andRead More
Reuters has managed to get their hands on excerpts from former Mircosoft executive Joachim Kempin new book. In his new book, Kempin posits that current Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer needs to go for Microsoft to get back to its glory days. Joachim Kempin, who worked for the company between 1983 and 2002, overseeing the sales of Windows software to computer makers for part of that time, according to the article. The new book titled – ‘Resolve and Fortitude: Microsoft’s “secret power broker” breaks his silence’, is scheduled to be published on Tuesday. HereRead More
According to  a new report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), lackluster PC shipment in the fourth quart of 2012 has least to 6.4 percent decline compare to a year ago quarter (Q4 2011). IDC had anticipated a decline of around 4.4 percent. The IDC report puts worldwide PC shipments at 89.8 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012 (4Q12). In what appears to be bad news for Microsoft, IDC study shows that the launch of Windows 8 failed to reverse recent sluggish demand for PC. According to the report, theRead More

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iPads Stolen From Microsoft’s Office [Updated]

Here is a very interesting story from the Daily Post. Apparently five iPads worth over $3000 were stolen from a Microsoft office between December 19 and December 26. “Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View is presumably loaded with Microsoft latest and greatest products,” Angela Ruggiero wrote for the Daily Post. “But a thief decided to steal five Apple iPads from the company’s offices instead.” According to the report the police has no suspect and there were no signs of forced entry. It is presume that Microsot has a video surveillance inRead More
According to John Paczkowski of AllThingsD, “Microsoft is being coy about revealing Surface sales data, it may be for good reason. Early demand for the company’s first tablet is lousy,” writes John Paczkowski of AllThingsD. “How lousy? Put it this way — if Microsoft really did manufacture three million to five million Surface tablets to sell in the fourth quarter, it’s going to have between two million and four million left over at quarter’s end.” Paczkowski was commenting on a research note released by Detwiler Fenton, a Boston-based brokerage firm. According to Detwiler Fenton, “Lack of distribution isRead More
 Microsoft has finally revealed the price of its upcoming  Surface with Windows 8 Pro. According to the company’s blog post, the price will set you back $899 for standalone version with 64GB storage and  $999 for the 128GB  version. This price point is easily competitive with Apple’s iPad at with the same 64GB storage. However, a lot folks view the MacBook Air as the most likely competitor given that both devices share similar specs. The Surface with Windows 8 Pro will comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, which will run legacy Windows ApplicationsRead More