Today we have some amazing high resolution photos of parts belonging to the yet  to be announced iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The photos include parts such as front LCD panel of the iPhone 5S, Blue iPhone 5C back panel, SIM trays, ribbon cables and much more.   iPhone 5S  LCD         iPhone 5S  LCD   iPhone 5S – Champagne Color   iPhone 5S – Champagne Color   iPhone 5S – Champagne Color iPhone 5S – Champagne Color     iPhone 5S – Champagne Color   iPhoneRead More
Samsung Display shows a unique new Diamond Pixel
Samsung Display is about to unveil their latest display technology at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2013, May 21-23, 2013, in the Vancouver. According to a press release, these new products include: a Full HD (1920×1080) mobile AMOLED display with the world’s broadest color gamut, and an 85-inch Ultra HD (3840×2160) LCD TV panel with extremely vivid color and low power consumption. The Korean Electronic giant is also set to showcase their unique new Diamond Pixel display technology at the show. The feature enables enables local-dimming control in directRead More

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Samsung Smart Camera 2.0 – WB250F and DV150F Available Now

Samsung Smart Camera 2.0 – WB250F and DV150F Available Now Today, Samsung Electronics America has announced the availability of the first two models of their Smart Camera 2.0 line will be available now at retailers across the country. These include the WB250F long-zoom model and DV150F with the popular DualView form factor, Wi-Fi connectivity for photo sharing and backup. According to the Press Release: [quote] SMART CAMERA 2.0, initially announced at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in January, is the evolution of Samsung’s leadership in connected cameras and focuses onRead More

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Patents Granted to Apple by USPTO on January 8, 2013

Here is our roundup of some of the patents granted to Apple by the USPTO today. The list include – Camera as input interface, Media content and chat integration, Push notification service, Top search hits based on learned user preferences and Invertible ear tips for an ear piece. 8,351,979 Camera as input interface  This a very cool patent by Apple here. It mightnot be super useful for everyone, however, it will definitely be useful to me. In this patent, Apple is allowing users of iPhones to rewind and fast forwards voicemails without lookingRead More
Money Today – Korea based news outlet, is reporting that Samsung has no plans to launch tablet PCs equipped with OLED displays this year. Instead, the Korean electronic giant is planning to expand its tablet PC business with LCD displays. According to the report OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) not be seen in Samsung’s Tablet PC display, according to industry sources. However, the company intends to continue marketing the advantages of OLED display over LCD despite the many challenges faced currently with manufacturing OLED. Here are some of the advantages of OLED overRead More

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Apple Patent Roundup – October 23, 2012

    Here is a list of some the patents granted Apple today by the USPTO. Two interesting patents are  8,296,383  – Electronic devices with voice command and contextual data processing capabilities and  8,294,766 – Generating a three-dimensional model using a portable electronic device recording.   8,296,383  Electronic devices with voice command and contextual data processing capabilities   The Patent Background This invention relates generally to electronic devices, and more particularly, to electronic devices such as portable electronic devices that can capture voice commands and contextual information. Electronic devices such as portableRead More

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Apple: Patent Round Up

Its Tuesday, our usual patent round up day. Here is a list of of some of the patents that was granted to Apple on 4th September 2012 by the USPTO.   Patent 1. –  Touch screen liquid crystal display (8,259,078). This was filed on June 8, 2007. I  will not be surprise if this patent surface in lawsuits in the future.   Patent Background There exist today many types of hand-held electronic devices, each of which utilizes some sort of user interface. The user interface can include an output device in theRead More

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LG producing in-cell display for iPhone 5

  According to a report from Reuters LG Display has started mass production of a new and thinner display. This display is set to be for use in Apple’s iPhone 5. The report state that the, “the display’s production schedule remains in line with customers’ product release plans, LG’s chief executive said.” In the report Han Sang-beom, chief executive of LG Display is quoting as saying “We just began mass production and we don’t expect any disruption in supplies.” The Reuter report is supported by a similar story from theRead More

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Leaked photos of next iPhone Display Panel

  [box] UBreakiFix has received these photos of the full front panel of the next generation iPhone from one of their distributors. The parts don’t appear to be particularly revealing. We’ve seen similar components before with the exception of a close look at the new iPhone’s LCD screen. The new screen is said to have increased to 4″ in diagonal (up from 3.5″) while preserving the same pixel density as the current iPhone design. This would provide apps with additional screen space to fill. UBreakiFix also provided a zoomed inRead More

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Apple granted patent for in-cell display technology

  There have been rumours pointing to Apple utilising an in-cell display in the next iPhone. Today the USPTO has granted a patent titled – Touch screen liquid crystal display. The patent Number: 8,243,027. The inventors are listed as: Hotelling; Steve Porter, Chen; Wei, Krah; Christoph Horst, Elias; John Greer, Yao; Wei Hsin Zhong; John Z. Hodge; Andrew Bert , Land; Brian Richards, Boer; Willem den. The patent was originally filed in June, 2006 and a modified version filed January, 2007.    The Background: LCD and Touch Sensing Background – As described in the applications incorporated by reference, a touch surface,Read More

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New iPod touch to have same size LCD with new iPhone

It appears the iPod touch is in for a redesign also. According to Macotkara, a chinese blog the next  next iPod touch could have the same size LCD screen with new iPhone. The article states that “According to asian source, new iPod touch (5th generation) will have 4 inch LCD which is the same size with coming iPhone 5. The CPU or other spec is considered to be same with iPhone 4S, and has different back-case design, which will be not mirror polished but buffed alminum one. And it seemsRead More
 Juro Osawa and Lorraine Luk reporting for the  Wall Street Journal state that, “Apple Inc.’s next iPhone, currently being manufactured by Asian component makers, will use a new technology that makes the smartphone’s screen thinner, people familiar with the matter said, as the U.S. technology giant strives to improve technological features amid intensifying competition from Samsung Electronics Co. and other rivals.” The report when on to say that , “Japanese liquid-crystal-display makers Sharp Corp. and Japan Display Inc.—a new company that combined three Japanese electronics makers’ display units—as well as South Korea’sRead More