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Florian Mueller of Foss Patents is reporting that a new order from Judge Grewal’s handed down on Friday suggests that Samsung and their attorney are likely to face sanction. The matter relates to improper disclosure of  improper disclosures of highly confidential business information from Apple’s license agreements with other parties including Nokia, Ericsson, Sharp, and Philips by Samsung’s lawyers to their client, the report said. Key highlights from Judge Grewal’s latest order (via Foss Patent) include: The question at this stage appears to be what sanctions the court should impose on Samsung and Quinn Emanuel:Read More
In a new post on FossPatent, Patent expert – Florian Mueller reports that Apple has failed to convince the Judge Grewal presiding over the second Apple vs Samsung Case, that the Samsung Galaxy S4 should be added to the lawsuit. According to the report, the Judge ruled that it would be unfair to ask Samsung to prepare a defense in such short notice. “The court would potentially have agreed with Apple that Samsung failed to present reasons for which the infringement issues concerning the S4 are any different from those surrounding olderRead More