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New Stunning iWatch Renders

Check out this stunning iWatch concept from Designer Eric Huismann posted by Apfelpage.de. According to Eric Huismann, Apple’s rumored iWatch should feature: An aluminium unibody design A7m chip, 1.4-inch roun Retina display and runs iOS 7 with improve voice control And finally, Apple’ innovated fingerprint scanner – Touch ID SourceRead More
An Interesting Discussion On Why Apple Hasn’t Made An iWatch Yet  With Apple rumored iWatch set to be released sometime this year, there are lots of speculation and excitement around what the public can expect from Apple.Read More

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iWatch Is All About The Ecosystem

iWatch Is All About The Ecosystem Like the iPhone and the iPad before it, everyone seems to have an opinion on how Apple’s rumored iWatch will look and work. And that’s fine. Some of these analysis will be way off the mark and some will come close. But you can rest assured, the iWatch will be far better than our wildest dream. Today, Carl Schlachte shares his views on Apple’s rumored iWatch device. According to Schlachte, Apple has been busy building its next ecosystem for wearables. However, Apple chooses to focus on the wrist insteadRead More

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Apple Has Already Released the iWatch?

Writing for the Slate, Jon Nathanson suggests that the technology that will power Apple’s rumored iWatch device is already here. Nathanson believes that many analysts have written off Apple’s iBeacon technology, which enables iDevices to transmit data seamlessly to each other across Bluetooth 4.0 signals as a retail play, in the form targeted ads, but nothing could be further from the truth. According to Jon Nathanson: Is Jon Nathanson right? Has Apple given us a glimpse of how iWatch will work with their iBeacon technology?Read More
Korean website – Digital Daily is reporting that LG Display will be the sole supplier of flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display for Apple’s rumored iWatch device. LG Display will reportedly be use they flexible display technology first introduced in its G Flex smartphone. The report suggests that the size of the display will be 1.52 inches and not the 1.3/1.6-inch that has been rumored in the past. LG will reportedly will start mass producing the iWatch display in the third quarter of  this year the initial production volume set at 2 million units. We recently reportedRead More
Vital Connect

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Apple Hires More Biosenor Specialists To Work On iWatch

According to a new report from 9to5 Mac, Apple has been recruiting specialists in the Biosensors field to create a super smart wearable device – iWatch. Last year 9to5 mac reported that Apple hired several scientists, engineers, and managers in the field of biomedical technologies, glucose sensors and more to work on their rumored iWatch product. In the last few months, Apple has reportedly add two prominent individuals to this list. According to the report, the Cupertino-based company hired Nancy Dougherty from startup Sano Intelligence and Ravi Narasimhan from general medical devices firm Vital Connect. Dougherty’s work at Sano Intelligence involved creating small, painless patch that can workRead More
In their new Quarterly Worldwide FPD Shipment and Forecast Report, DisplaySearch gives their prediction of the various types of display consumers can expect in 2014. According to the report, Apple is likely to launch two new versions of their iPhone with a larger display. There will be a 4.7-inch model featuring a 1600×900 resolution, 386ppi and LTPS TFT LCD display technology. The 5.5-inch model will come in 1920×1080 resolution, 401ppi with the same display technology. Additionally, the report suggests that the rumored iWatch will come with a 1.3-inch or 1.6-inch flexible AMOLED screen. TheRead More
According to Patently Apple, the European Patent Office has recently published a patent application by Apple for flexible displays which was filed in Korea.  The report said the patent application was filed by Apple’s engineers under their individual names without listing Apple as the official assignee. This suggests the company was trying to keep this away from the public as long as possible. The patent describes an electronic device with a flexible display, “which technically could represent any one of the following devices: a laptop, tablet, a somewhat smaller device such as a wrist-watch device,Read More
CNET (via The Information) is reporting that Apple’s iWatch project is facing a few setbacks but nothing significant to delay a launch, widely expected to be in 2014. According to the report, Apple is yet to decide on what kind of screen technology to use due to battery issues.  Apple has also “halted advanced prototyping of some unknown pieces with one manufacturer late last year,” the report said. “There’s been talk of a purported iWatch for about a year now, yet no conclusive signs of any device have appeared,” Dara Kerr reports for CNET. “In OctoberRead More
Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White (via Wall Cheat Street) has told Bloomberg Radio’s “Bloomberg Surveillance” program that Apple will introduce an iWatch in 2014. “We recently went to Asia and I think there’s a lot of exciting innovations that we’re going to see in calendar 2014,” stated White. “You’re going to have EPS return to growth.” According to Brian White, Apple is the “top large-cap pick in our coverage universe for 2014.” White’s bullish position on Apple is based on his prediction that the company will introduce a new wearable techRead More
Digitimes is reporting that Apple’s iWatch production yield is reportedly less that 50 percent, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. This poor yield is attributed to difficulties applying surface treatments on their metal injection molded (MIM) chassis, the report said. “The MIM process is often used in the mass production of high-precision products with complicated industrial designs as it allows components to feature special shapes, but still maintain rigidness,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai writes for Digitimes. “MIM-made components used to be used inside products, but as the components are now becomingRead More

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Is This A Prototype Of Apple’s iWatch Battery?

According to a Chinese tech blog  – MyDriver, a protoptype of Apple’s iWatch battery was published a media outlet in Taiwan. The alleged iWatch battery prototype is only 100mAh capacity compared to 315 mAh battery capacity in Samsung‘s Gear smartwatch. What this means is that Apple may have found a way to make the rumored iWatch very energy-efficient. The smartwatch will reportedly feature a various sensors that can detect blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse rate and supports wireless charging . A recent report from Digitimes, Apple is widely expected to announce the iWatch device along with the next-generation iPhones in October 2014. It willRead More