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Earlier this month, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, predicts that Apple will release two larger iPhones later this year: one measuring 4.7-inch and the other with a 5.5-inch display. Today, The New York Times is reporting Paul Semenza, an analyst for the research firm NPD DisplaySearch, supports Ming-Chi Kuo theory that Apple will ship two bigger iPhones, according to information from several sources in the supply chain.. “Our understanding is that Apple is working on both of the screen sizes for the new iPhone, with shipments likely in the secondRead More
iPhone 6

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Apple iPhone 6 Could Launch July This Year, Analyst Says

In a research note to investors,  Mizuho Securities analyst Abhey Lamba suggests that Apple’s next-generation iPhone could be with us sooner than expected. According to the report, checks in Asia and Japan indicate that a July introduction of the new lineup is very likely. “The supply chain vendors are getting ready for an earlier ramp up of production versus prior years,” Abhey Lamba said. “Recently, the company has been introducing new lineup in September time frame whereas the next generation phones could come out in July this year,” Abhey Lamba explains.Read More
Recently, 9to5 mac revealed more information on Apple’s ties with GT Advance. According to the report, it appears GT Advance will be making sapphire-crystal display for future iPhones. 9to5 mac: So the big question here is how will this benefit consumers? Here we have videos of GT Advance demonstrating the durability of sapphire display over competing displays: This shows once again that Apple is “Thinkong Different” in the Post PC era.Read More
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Horace Dediu: Apple Success All About Customer Loyalty

In What Year Apple WIll Have One Billion iOS Devices In Use? Horace Dedui answered the above question in his usual “illustrative” style using graphs. Horace Dedui: When I looked at the penetration of iPhones in the US (as a part of smartphones in total) the surprising pattern was that it followed a logistic curve (while other platforms didn’t.) If this is indicative of a particular learning process to be observed in the market, then can we extend the logistic growth pattern to iOS overall? I tried it with the assumption that at 500Read More

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Original iPhone Selling for £1,399

If you want an excuse for holding on to your brand new iPhone, how about this for an answer: [quote cite=”Tactus” url=”http://blog.tactus.com/top-news/1st-generation-iphone-now-costs-more-than-two-iphone-5s/”]The original iPhone which was famously launched at what is considered to be Steve Job’s finest announcement in 2007 is now on sale for more than £1,300. Crazy.moon, an eBay seller, currently has a ‘SUPER RARE RETRO VINTAGE’ Apple iPhone 1st Generation on sale for a Buy It Now price of £1,399. The handset, which still has its original shrink-wrap and near mint condition original box, is described byRead More

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Horace Dediu: The iPhone Company

Dediu doing what he does best. [quote cite=”Horace Dediu” url=”http://www.asymco.com/2013/10/17/the-iphone-company/”]I show the stages of adoption overlaid with the derivative of the Logistic Function and Apple’s enterprise value. The derivative of the Logistic Function shows the speed of adoption, peaking at the inflection point when adoption ceases to accelerate and begins to decelerate. The peak in Apple’s enterprise value happens to fall at the exact point of inflection in the adoption curve and hence maximum growth. It could suggest that the market perceives the value of Apple to be entirely reflectiveRead More

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Apple’s Real Strategy in China

The launch of a cheaper iPhone was heralded as the best approach Apple should take to grow their market share in the world largest populace.  However, the company launched a gold iPhone 5s with Touch ID and a polycarbonate iPhone 5c, which is anything but cheap. However, Ben Thomspon’s piece for Stratēchery,  highlights that Apple is a company continues to Think Different, despite the lost of their charismatic leader and co-founder Steve Jobs. Ben Thompson points out that two Percent of China’s public consumes one-third of the world’s luxury goods: According to China’sRead More

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30 Must-See Slow Motion Videos Taken With iPhone 5s

[quote cite=”CNET” url=”http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57605103-93/fifteen-more-must-see-iphone-5s-slow-motion-videos/”] The iPhone 5S has been out for more than a week, and the collection of slow motion videos has ballooned in size. Earlier this week we posted 15 of our early favorites people had shot in their initial weekend with the device. Now we’ve put together another 15 that show off what people are doing when slowing down videos to a fourth of their speed. Read on to get up to speed with the weird world of slow-mo.[/quote] Can’t wait to get my iPhone 5s to testRead More
Today, Philips has unveiled the Philips dictation recorder app, which transforms Smartphones into a professional dictation device. According to the website, the dictation app allows users to record, edit and send dictation files directly from their Smartphone. “Thanks to modern telecommunications and our new solutions, you can record your dictations wherever you want and send them immediately to your office,” says Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions.”Just imagine: you are sitting at the airport, dictating and sending, and by the time you arrive, you have already received your finished text document by email.Read More
Samsung and Apple in China
According to a TrendForce report from mainland China, iPhone users in China are Showing high interest in Samsung Galaxy S4.   China’s Central News Agency, is reporting that a recent study by TrendForce – China Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone Market Survey Report, illustrates that many Chinese consumers are interested in purchasing the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4. This group includes over half of current iPhone users in Mainland China, according to the report.   According TrendForce investigation, mainland consumers are showing a high interest in the Samsung S4, with more than halfRead More
Good Technology: Apple Dominated Device Activation in Enterprise [Q4 2012]
Good Technology: Apple Dominated Device Activation in Enterprise [Q4 2012] – customers showed a clear preference for iOS devices, which accounted for 77 percent of all activations.   Apple Dominated Device Activation in Enterprise In a press release today, Good Technology -the leader in secure enterprise mobility, released its Q4 2012 Device Activation Report. The report looked at the number and type of smartphone and tablet devices activated amongst Good’s enterprise customers, which include half of the Fortune 100™. The study included more than 4,000 participants from various companies such as financial services, healthcare,Read More