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According to a new report from Japanese tech blog Mac Otakara (via AppleInsider) Apple’s next generation iPhone will feature “rounded” edges and a curved display glass much like the design seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The “rounded” edge design was first introduced in the with the iPad mini. AppleInsider: To accommodate the rounded edges, a slightly curved display glass is also said to be part of Apple’s design plans. Based on what can be gleaned from the report, it seems like the top glass will not feature a convexRead More
 South China Morning Post (via 9to5 mac)  is reporting that Apple will indeed launch their next-generation iPhone in two sizes – 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch in September, according to industry insiders who have seen the prototypes. More importantly,  the new iPhone will feature a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass display. Apple currently use Sapphire crystal for its iPhone camera lens cover and Touch ID cover.  This report contradicts an earlier report, which suggests that the iPhone 6 will be launched without the rumored sapphire display due to issues with yield. Other key highlights from the SCMP reportRead More
According to the latest report coming out of Asia, Apple will be looking to use a new glass cover for its iSight camera in their next generation iPhone. The Cupertino-based company currently uses sapphire glass, but this is expected to replace with Arton resistant transparent resin. The transparent resin produce by  Japan developers JSR. According to the website: Arton heat shielding transparent resin can reportedly filter specific wavelengths of light, transparency and degree of intensity, which will ultimately enhance the resulting images, the report said. Additionally, the report suggests that the iPhone 6Read More
According to a new report from Chinese website Tencent Digital News (via AppleInsider), Apple’s iPhone 6 is set to come in two versions. One model will have a 4.7-inch display which is now in trial production and expect to be unveiled as early as June. The 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to feature the 1,136-pixel-by-640 pixel display as seen in the iPhone5/5s. However, another model sporting a 5.7-inch display is expected to come with a higher resolution screen and will be released later in the year, the report said. Retaining the 1,136×640 resolution on a 4.7-inch display contradicts a recentRead More

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Stunning Concept Of iPhone 6 Running iOS 8

Here’s a stunning iPhone 6 concept video by Michael Shank to feast your eyes on. Shank’s video features a next-generation iPhone with a state of the art edge to edge display and fully touch screen input with no Home button (can’t see Apple getting rid of Touch ID). The video focuses on iOS 8, which comes with a all new caller screen, redesigned contact info, new calender layout and more.    Read More

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AFP: Pegatron And Foxconn To Share Production Of iPhone 6

Agence France-Presse   (via Taiwan‘s Liberty Times) is reporting that Pegatron will reportedly split the manufacturing responsibility of Apple’s iPhone 6 with Foxconn. Pegatron currently assembles Apple’s iPad mini and iPhone 5c while Foxconn is responsible for the manufacturing of Apple’s flagship iPhone 5s. According to the report: Apple is widely expected to launch two versions of the iPhone with larger display this year. According to various reports, the two sizes will range from 4.7 – 5.7 inches. The key to predicting the size of the iPhone 6 would be to lookRead More
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iPhone Concept Featuring Curved Display

Check out the latest concept of the iPhone 6 featuring a curved 5-inch display by Lewi Hussey in cooperation with ConceptsiPhone. Key features include: – 5 Inch edge to edge 7° Curved OLED Retina display – 0.5cm thin – 12 Megapixel iSight camera – More powerful processor with x2 faster GPU – NFC sensor and Bluetooth 4.1Read More

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Fantastic iPhone 6 Air Concept

Despite the iPhone 5s/5c being on the market for just over two months, the folks at French blog – iPhoneSoft, are so desperate to see the next generation iPhone from Apple, they created a concept of the device. Here are some of the features in the iPhone 6 concept by iPhoneSoft: iOS 8 which comes in part on the iOS style 7 (gradients are back) The “Air” design -> iPhone 6 Air 4.5-inch anti-glare display with ultra-thin edges 20 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and stabilizer Touch ID  PortRead More
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It’s almost a forgone conclusion that the iPhone 6 will have a larger display, which would contradict yet another prediction from Apple that 4-inch is the ideal size for a smartphone. Remember Steve Jobs – take on tablets smaller than 9.7-inch. Steve Jobs disses 7-inch tablets in 2010: I’d like to comment on the avalanche of tablets poised to enter the market in the coming months. First, it appears to be just a handful of credible entrants, not exactly an avalanche. Second, almost all of them use seven-inch screens asRead More

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Gene Munster: iPhone 6 With Big Screen Coming Next Summer

In a research note to investors, Piper Jaffray analyst –  Gene Munster stated that Apple will be releasing an iPhone – iPhone 6 with a larger display next summer. Gene Munster is also the biggest advocate of Apple iTV. Key highlights from the report include: The iPhone 6 will need to match the 5 inch size.  Munster said that the iPhone 6 is going to be a blockbuster on the back of its increased screen size and expects the new model to drop before September of 2014. On the iWatch, Munster believes that this will happen. Munster alsoRead More

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iPhone 6 Concept By Pritesh Chavan

Today we are featuring this gorgeous iPhone 6 concept by designer Pritesh Chavan. Chavan amazing concept showcase the iPad and iPhone as one device. As an iPhone users are treated to a gorgeous 4.2-inch which turns into a 7.5-inch iPad when unfolded.            Read More
Bloomberg recently reported that the iPhone 5S may be delayed due to a change in screen size to 4.3-inchRetina display. Today, we received confirmation via Weibo microblogger  – @C Tech (who has been very reliable in the past) that Apple has started production of the 4.3-inch iPhone. @C Tech reported that he was unable to confirm whether the production of the 4.3-inch iPhone was mass production or just a pilot run. It was also not clear if this is the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 which could be released inRead More