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Here’s a very interest look at the prices of iPhone 5s around the world. More importantly, you can see the relationship between the price of the iPhone in all the GDP of the countries where it’s currently available. According to the report, China is currently the most expensive with the iPhone 5S price being 9.55% of the average GDP. Whereas the USA, Apple’s home country, is the cheapest, standing at just 1.15%.   SourceRead More
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The deal Apple investors has been patiently waiting for since 2007 may have finally come to fruition. According to Fortune, a subsidiary of China Mobile in Suzhou, west of Shanghai, has posted a web page taking pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c. China Mobile is the largest mobile carrier in the world with over 740 million subscribers. This deal will significantly boost Apple smartphone market share and revenue in China. “If the carrier is orchestrating a soft launch to work out the kinks, Suzhou is not a bad place toRead More

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What Apple’s Real Problem? It’s Not Innovation

This piece by Don Frommer really summed up what’s been happening to Apple recently. The problem, according to Frommer, is not the lack of great products or innovation, but the lack of a “surprise” element or “wow” moment from the company during the unveiling of new products. Dan Frommer: It’s not that Apple isn’t making great products anymore: You’d be a fool to argue that the iPhone 5S, retina iPad mini, iPad Air, and various Macs aren’t the best computers that any company — not just Apple — has ever made.Read More
Ben Thompson, one of the most influential Apple blogger on the web, has come up with another masterpiece on why iPhone 5c  alleged poor sales shouldn’t be viewed as bad news for Apple. I’ve held a similar opinion until now. It just goes to show that it takes a lot of skills and experience to truly understand Apple’s product strategies in most cases, qualities many of us do not possess. Ben Thompson: Apple is focused on increasing the value of the iPhone, not only through specs, but through solving pain pointsRead More
What is better? Bigger pixels or more megapixels? Apple software engineer –Mark Zimmer explains it all on his Relativistic Observer. And I meant all. This post is very high tech and admittedly, most of it was too much for me. However, if you are into photography or undecided whether to get the iPhone 5s with its bigger pixel or the Nokia 1020 with more mega-pixel, this is this post is highly recommended. Mark Zimmer (spoiler at the end as to which is better): Apple and others have shown that cameras can beRead More
Today, Apple has announced that the weekend sales of the iPhone has topped 9 million, easily breaking last year’s record of 5 million. Many will point to the simultaneous launch of the new devices in countries such as China as a huge factor. Nevertheless these figures are quite impressive for a device (iPhone 5s) that is meant to be in limited supply. “This is our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The demand for the new iPhones hasRead More

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Did Apple Deliberately Limit the Availability of Gold iPhone?

Did Apple Deliberately Limit the Availability of Gold iPhone? Jim Edwards, writing for BusinessInsider: Do you own a gold iPhone 5S? No, of course not. That’s because there aren’t any. Let’s qualify that: Gold iPhones exist. They are just very rare. And you don’t have one. After visiting my local Apple Store and several Mobile Carriers on Friday, I’m at pains to admit that I was one of those unlucky ones to walk away without a Gold iPhone. I was told that the Gold iPhone 5s was unavailable. Jim Edwards points to the followingRead More

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iPhone 5s Reviews Roundup

On the Spetember the 18, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS7 reviews have hit the web. The general consensus is that the new iPhones are winners. And the shining star is the iPhone 5s fingerprint Touch ID technology. This will  be great news for Apple, since this is one of the worthy reason for upgrading to an iPhone 5s from an iPhone 5 other than for a better camera. Here is our list of the best iPhone 5s review currently on the internet: 1. A New Touch for iPhone -Walt MossbergRead More
Jefferies Analysts Cut Apple’s Stock Price to $425; Report that the Yield of Touch ID Sensor is “Terrible”   According to a new report from Value walk, Jefferies analysts have cut Apple’s stock price from $450 to $425 per share on the back of fears that iPhone 5s availability will be constrained at launch. Apple stock price closed at $464.90 on Friday. The stock has seen a huge downturn from highs of $507 after unveiling their new iPhone. “Jefferies analysts were prompted to cut their price target for the shares of Apple Inc after conducting channelRead More
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iPhone 5S Panels Supplied By Sharp, LG and Japan Display; Samsung Display Not Included Digitimes is reporting that shipments of panels used in Apple’s new iPhone 5s are expected to reach between 10-15 million units in the third quarter of 2013. This will be reflected in Apple’s fourth Quarter Earnings report. According to the report, Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display are expected to be the main suppliers of the panels, with being responsible for seven million units. There was no indication whether Samsung Display will supply panel for the iPhone 5S.Read More
All You Need to Know About Apple’s iPhone 5S Touch ID; Forget the FUD Reports Apple has just launched the biometric revolutions in smartphone with it’s the Touch ID functionality. Yes, I can hear many of you saying, “but  my Motorola Atrix and/or my HP computer had that first.” My reply to that is – “So What.” Where are those products now. It’s not about who launches it first, it’s all about who does it better. That’s what really matters to consumers. And based on Apple’s track record (Siri and MapsRead More
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Key Features of the iPhone 5S

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C and suffice to say,  the leaks were mostly correct. Here are the key features: Touch ID. A new fingerprint identity sensor. Put your finger on the Home button, and just like that your iPhone unlocks. Your fingerprint can also approve purchases from iTunes or the App Store. One good thing about Touch ID is that your fingerprint data is encrypted and stored in the A7 Chip. Not in iCloud. Great features for those who care about privacy. All-new A7 and M7 chips. TheRead More