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The Wall Street Journal has recently confirmed that China Mobile would be unveiling the iPhone at an event on December 18. This deal will give Apple access to  user base of over 700 million subscribers. “At the Dec. 18 event, China Mobile plans to unveil a brand for its fourth-generation, or 4G, network. China Mobile executives have said they would only begin to sell the iPhone after introducing 4G services,” Lorraine Luk and Daisuke Wakabayashi report for WSJ. “China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said Wednesday it gave licenses to China Mobile andRead More
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The deal Apple investors has been patiently waiting for since 2007 may have finally come to fruition. According to Fortune, a subsidiary of China Mobile in Suzhou, west of Shanghai, has posted a web page taking pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c. China Mobile is the largest mobile carrier in the world with over 740 million subscribers. This deal will significantly boost Apple smartphone market share and revenue in China. “If the carrier is orchestrating a soft launch to work out the kinks, Suzhou is not a bad place toRead More
Jefferies Analysts Cut Apple’s Stock Price to $425; Report that the Yield of Touch ID Sensor is “Terrible”   According to a new report from Value walk, Jefferies analysts have cut Apple’s stock price from $450 to $425 per share on the back of fears that iPhone 5s availability will be constrained at launch. Apple stock price closed at $464.90 on Friday. The stock has seen a huge downturn from highs of $507 after unveiling their new iPhone. “Jefferies analysts were prompted to cut their price target for the shares of Apple Inc after conducting channelRead More
iPhones with TD-LTE Support Granted License in China; China Mobile Deal Imminent  Apple has unveiled their next generation iPhone to the world with the usual fanfare. However, given the declined in the company’s stock price after the announced, investors were not impressed. This is probably due to the higher than expected price of the iPhone 5C, which will retail for US$550 without a contract. Many pundits have pegged this as the low-cost iPhone that will boost Apple’s market share in developing countries, but as it turns out, the iPhone 5CRead More

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New Clearer Video of iPhone 5C Running iOS 7

New Clearer Video of iPhone 5C Running iOS 7 Recently we posted a very obscured video of the iPhone 5C. Today our colleagues at C Technology, has posted a much clearer video showing the iPhone 5C running a version of iOS 7. In the new video, the users unlocked the iPhone, scrolled a few pages on the Home screen and played around in Safari. Must Read Apple’s NFC Fingerprint Scanner and the Patent that will Stop Others from Copying It Official iPhone 5S Manual Confirms Fingerprint / Touch ID Sensor inRead More

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New Photos of iPhone 5C Internal Parts

Show us the iPhones already! I’m sure this is exactly what many of us are saying at this moment. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait a few more days. In the meantime, we have new purported images of the iPhone 5C logic board. The iPhone 5C logic board looks similar to that of the reveal it to be extremely similar to the iPhone 5S logic board. Its also reported that the attachment points on the logic board matches the layout for screws on the back enclosure of the iPhoneRead More
iPhone 5S Packaging

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New Photo of the iPhone 5S Packaging Leaked

Earlier this week published leaked packaging of the iPhone 5C, Today we have the first leaked purported of the iPhone 5S. The images are not that clear, however, it does provides some more details of what we can expect in the next generation iPhone. The box design maintains the same style as the iPhone 5S, which is to say that it does not look like the iPhone 5C packaging. The iPhone 5S name is printed on one side of the box in the usual Apple style. A standout feature ofRead More
iPhone 5C running iOS 7

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Photo of Blue iPhone 5C Running iOS 7

Photo of Blue iPhone 5C Running iOS 7 On Monday the folks from C technology published the first purported video of a Pink iPhone 5C running iOS7. Today we have a photo of the Blue iPhone 5C loading up with iOS 7. This new photo gives us a clearer image of the iPhone 5C in operation compared to the leaked video. From this photo, you can clearly see the start up screen with Apple’s redesigned iconic “slide to unlock” message and camera icon. According to the report, the authenticity of the video cannot be confirmed.Read More

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Apple Already Shipping iPhones to the US [Rumor]

Apple Already Shipping iPhones to the US  MacX, a Chinese technology website, is reporting that reliable sources have informed the website that Apple has already begun shipping iPhones to the US. The report suggest that Apple is hoping to have enough supplies of iPhones in stock at carrier partners, third-party retailers/distributors and its own retail stores for a launch date on September 20. Apple has 1.2 million iPhone 5C shipped to the United States, the report said. Over the last few days, we published several photos of the purported iPhone 5C packed andRead More
iPhone 5C SIM Card Ejector
More images of the purported instruction card of the iPhone 5C and the Sim Card ejector pin have surfaced online. As previously reported, this will be the first time since the launch of the iPhone 3GS that Apple will be shipping a SIM card ejector pin with their iPhone. Also of note from the report, is that the color of the front panel of the iPhone 5C appears to be black on the instruction card. Many readers believe that a white front panel on these multi-colored iPhone 5C will be aestheticallyRead More
iPhone 5C
Recently we posted a purported image of the Pink iPhone 5C in its neat transparent package. Today, the same folks at Sina Weibo have managed to get their hands of more images of the Blue and Yellow iPhone 5C in similar packages. These new images are much clearer than the previous, giving readers a better idea of what to expect. Must Read More Images of iPhone 5C instructions and Sim Card Ejector Leaked Leaked Photo of iPhone 5S Home Button Hints at Fingerprint Sensor As noted before, the design of theRead More

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First Video of iPhone 5C Running iOS 7

Today we have the first ever video of the rumored iPhone 5C running iOS 7. This video was published exclusively by Sina Weibo microblogging user -CTECH. Must Read New Photo of Pink iPhone 5C in Complete Packaging Leaked iPhone 5C to come with Liquidmetal SIM Card Ejector Pin The video clearly shows a purported Red iPhone 5C running Apple’s recently unveiled iOS 7. According to the report, the iPhone 5C was given to them by a friend. However, given the quality of the video, the authenticity is quite debatable. From the report: “In iPhoneRead More