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Posted On December 8, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

Here’s How To Have Fun With Siri

The Guardian has put a list of ten intriguing and funny commands you should try out on Siri. There are as follow: Does Siri Stand For Seriously? 2.Tell Me a Poem 3. Siri, What Airplanes are Flying Over Me Now? 4. Change my Appointment With Dr. Smith From 11 a.m. to 9 a.m.  5. Do You Support Barrack Obama? 6. Beam Me Up! 7. Post to Facebook Walking Dead is Over and I am Depressed 8. Who Let the Dogs Out? 9. Set a 30 Minute Timer or Wakeup AlarmRead More
The word “market share” is a big deal in technology in the Post PC era. Hence, the reason I’m sharing this excellent article (at least I think so) on market share with you. In his article for the The Guardian, Charles Arthur explores the facts and myths market share in the Post PC era. Charles Arthur: Fine. But look, I saw some figures which said that last year Apple’s market share in tablets was 50%, and now it’s 30%. So Apple’s selling fewer tablets, right? No, that’s not what that data tells you.Read More

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More Analyses of Apple’s iPad Event

My first take on Apple’s iPad event on October the 22 was “Meh.” Surprisely, many Apple advocates like Ben Thompson and Marco Arment appear to share my opinion. Macro Arment: We know that people are using iPads in all sorts of different ways. Look, firefighters are launching space shuttles with an iPad! Farmers are building wind turbines and composing songs! And Apple can’t wait to see what we do with our iPads. But they already know. Everyone knows what people do with iPads, because iPads have been heavily used inRead More

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Benedict Evans: iPads, Price and Self-selection

Benedict Evans provides new insight into the declining iPad market share. Specifically, he discussed the emerging market of  $75-$150 budget tablets from China. Benedict Evans: But there’s also another proposition, a $75-$150 black generic Chinese Android tablet, half the price of a Nexus 7. That proposition is also selling in huge numbers, but it appears to come with a very different type of use. Why are people buying these? What are they being used for? They’re mostly in China (that’s the pink bar above) and emerging markets and in lower income groupsRead More

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Ben Thompson: “Does Apple Still Have Vision?”

For those who may not know, Ben Thompson is quite frankly one of the best thinkers when it comes to Apple and the tech industry as a whole. Hence, whenever he has something to say about Apple, I take note. Here’s Ben Thompson’s thoughts on Apple’s iPad event: This, then, is my concern: Apple is in great shape, and executing wonderfully. Both new iPads look fantastic, and I want both of them. But I’m already a convert! There are many more customers who don’t yet know that the “computer for theRead More
Apple has unveiled a slew of new devices and software at a special event yesterday. The list include: iPad Air, iPad mini with retina display, Mac Pro and upgraded MacBook Pro. In the software department we have OS X Mavericks, iLife and iWork suites. Here’s a round up of some of the hands-on/first impression of the new devices around the web: Engadget: The new iPad mini, with all of its Retina display goodness, is now official. Announced today at Apple’s “lot to cover” event, the new mini was one of the final productsRead More

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Apple’s iPad Event 2013 In Photos

Here’s our photo gallery of Apple event earlier today. Apple introduced a slew of new products, including the upgraded MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iWork and iLife suites and new iPads. Just wanted to say that as a huge Apple fan, this is the first event that made me go: HUH, Is that it! But on reflection, I think Apple has another event up its sleeve that will happen between now and the end of Janurary 2014. At this event we’ll learn more about Apple TV and probably iWatch.Read More
  Apple looks set to bring more features to the iCloud service. A notice on the iCloud log in page informs users that the iWorks suite in iCloud will gain new features in a few hours. Apple: We’re updating Pages/Numbers/Keynote for iCloud! In just a few short hours, you’ll be able to create and edit documents, and enjoy great new features. Apple is about to unveil their next generation iPads at a press event today. The notice above suggests that the company will also focus on softwares. The event will be streamed live to AppleRead More
More images of the purported fifth generation iPad and iPad mini 2 were leaked by C Tech. The new images show the front of both iPads, revealing more interesting information in the process. The photo of the alleged iPad mini2 shows that the tablet will feature the same design of its predecessor. In an earlier report, we highlighted that the thickness of the iPad mini 2 has been reduced from 7.2 mm to 6.81 mm. However, this new photo suggests that the iPad mini 2 will not support Apple’s latest TouchRead More
Great article on how Apple’s iPad is making a real difference in the world, unlike products from some competitors. According to a report in Venture Beat, special needs educator – Neil Virani is using his iPads to teach his students. He said using his iPads has caused a dramatic difference in his classrooms. Neil Virani: I had a student with Cerebral Palsy who only has proficient access to one finger. The iPad comes along and 35 minutes after opening it from the box, he wrote his name for the first time — itRead More

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Apple’s iPad Event Set For Tuesday, October 22

AllthingsD is reporting that will hold its next invitation-only event on Tuesday, October 22. Apple is widely expected to unveil their next generation iPads. “The focal point of the gathering will be the latest updates to the company’s iPad line, but the new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks will likely get some stage time as well,” John Paczkowski writes for AllThingsD. The iPad 5 is expected to feature a similar design to the iPad mini, improved camera and 64-bit A7 Chip. The iPad mini will probably gain a retina display. It’sRead More

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iPad 5 to Come in New Space Gray Color [Photos]

Sonny Dickson has posted purported photos of the iPad 5 rear enclosures along with microphone cables.  The photos suggest that Apple will be adding a Space Gray color in the Pad 5. This is the same color seen in the recently released iPhone. Recently we posted a report from C Technology blog, which posted images of SIM Card trays. Surprisingly, the report also suggests that Apple will unveil their next generation iPads in three colors. Silver, Space Gray and Gold. Suffice to say, the Gold iPad rumor should be taken with a dose of salt. There has beenRead More