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Posted On December 12, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Featured

Seoul Court: Apple Did Not Infringe Samsung’s Patents

The Times is reporting that has a Seoul Central District Court judge ruled that Apple did not violate Samsung’s intellectual property rights. According to the report,  Judge Shim Woo-yong stated that the technology in question is not unique and could easily be independently developed by others. “We are glad the Korean court joined others around the world in standing up for real innovation and rejecting Samsung’s ridiculous claims,” Apple Inc. spokesman Steve Park said. “Samsung Electronics Co. sued Apple in March 2012, accusing the iPhone maker of illegally using three patentedRead More
stanford apple store
TechCrunch has published of Apple new Retail Store in the Stanford shopping center. This new store will be close to a Microsoft store in the same shopping center. Billy Gallagher: Whether for pure dollars and cents or for appearances (maybe both), Apple has been very aggressive in Palo Alto in the past couple of years. The company had a very nice store on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto; in October 2012, they moved down the street to an even bigger, more prominent location. Now, this new store in theRead More

Posted On December 20, 2012By StaffIn Tech News

WhatsApp Is Now Free On iOS

WhatsApp is one of the first mobile application I’ve reviewed on this blog. WhatsApp is one of the most very underrated messaging service. The App is cross-platform, hence allowing users of various mobile platforms to stay connected. According to its iTunes page: [quote] WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform smartphone messenger currently available for iPhone and all other smartphones. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly get messages from friends, colleagues and family. Switch from SMS to exchange messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages with WhatsApp users at no cost.Read More