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Posted On May 24, 2013By Guest AuthorIn Editorials, Featured

HTC Fights Back with the HTC One

HTC fights back The HTC One has sold almost five million units since it launched last month and the Taiwanese manufacturer has recently announced it’s doubling its production of the handset due to “strong demand”. This is certainly an impressive figure given the firm’s recent supply issues but it’s a far cry from its biggest Android rival, Samsung, which has shifted more than double this number of Galaxy S4’s in around the same time. Since the HTC One in silver was announced back in February it’s taken the smartphone worldRead More
According to a report from Foss Patent , Apple has recently informed a US court that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Google Now App have infringed at least five of their patents. “Last week Apple informed the court that it intended to amend its infringement contentions in the second California patent litigation with Samsung to target the Galaxy S4,” Mueller writes for Fosspatent. “Apple has now filed the motion it announced, and it specifies five patents allegedly infringed by the S4 as well as two patents allegedly infringed by the Google NowRead More
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  Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB to Sell for €599 (£519) in most of Europe, Italy €699 According to the International Business Times, Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB is expected to sell for €599 (£519) in most of Europe with the exception of Italy, where it would carry a price tag of €699. Android Caotic was first to report that Galaxy S4 will cost €699 (approximately £605) in Italy, after speaking  anonymous source close to Samsung in the country. Based on previous pricing strategies employed by Samsung for their Galaxy products, it can be concluded that the priceRead More
Are These Photos Really Taken With A Samsung Galaxy S IV? Gupta writes for Andosym: [quote] I accidentally came across a couple of images that were supposedly taken earlier today using Samsung’s next flagship phone – the Galaxy S4. EXIF data mentions model as GT-I9500 which possibly corresponds to SGS4. Both images are in 16:9 format and have a resolution of 4128 x 2322 that is roughly 9.6MP.  However a 13MP sensor will also take pictures in similar resolution in Auto mode because the viewfinder can only utilize full screen in 16:9 mode. We have seenRead More
According to Money Today – a Seoul based daily newspaper, Samsung will introduce the prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Samsung Electronics’ vice chairman Lee Jae-yong and president of the company’s IT & mobile communications (IM) division Shin Jong-kyun are set to leave for Las Vegas on January 9, Hak – Yeol Lee reports for Money Today. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held in Las Vegas on January 8-11. Apparently the two executives will introduce the prototype of the Galaxy S4 in aRead More