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The best selling smartphone in the world will soon be available on the largest mobile carrier in the world if the latest report from C Technology is to be believed. According to C Technology, an alleged promotional poster from China Mobile suggests that the 4G (TD-LTE) iPhone 5s/sc will be available soon. The poster sports China Mobile logo, touts mobile 4G download speed of 100M / S (down), which 10-20 times the speed of 3G networks. The poster also has the number 11. This suggests that the iPhone will likely be available inRead More
Netflix To Premiere DreamWorks Animation’s Branded Slate Of New Original TV Series Netflix has announced their  largest  multi-year deal for original content with  DreamWorks Animation’s. With this new deal, DreamWorks Animation’s characters will be introduced into the television market as a branded collection of shows, according to the press release. Netflix users in the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Europe will have exclusive access to new original television series. According to the press release: The groundbreaking deal, which encompasses over 300 hours of new programming, is a cornerstone of a major initiativeRead More
According to a new report from the market intelligence firm ABI Research, Tizen is tipped to become the fifth largest mobile OS. “Tizen’s strong backing from Intel and Samsung will enable it to quickly outpace its other Linux mobile OS challengers,” says senior analyst Joshua Flood. “Additionally, other segments of the mobile ecosystem are keen for a new mobile OS to usurp Apple and Google’s dominance in the market. Mobile network operators, particularly in Asia, have been looking for other options. Apple’s refusal to modify its OS for operators toRead More
Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone
  Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB to Sell for €599 (£519) in most of Europe, Italy €699 According to the International Business Times, Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB is expected to sell for €599 (£519) in most of Europe with the exception of Italy, where it would carry a price tag of €699. Android Caotic was first to report that Galaxy S4 will cost €699 (approximately £605) in Italy, after speaking  anonymous source close to Samsung in the country. Based on previous pricing strategies employed by Samsung for their Galaxy products, it can be concluded that the priceRead More

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Apple: New iOS Apps [November 22, 2012]

    New iOS Apps posted on the AppStore/iTune Store today. This list include apps such as Abby Phonics – Second Grade HD Free Lite,  ABC Tutor Bear HD, A Funny Fishing Farm and Alphabet sounds and stories.       Abby Phonics – Second Grade Free Lite Arch Square Genre: Education Release Date: November 22, 2012 © © 2012 ArchSquare         Abby Phonics – Second Grade HD Free Lite Arch Square Genre: Education Release Date: November 22, 2012 © © 2012 ArchSquare           ABC Block BlockRead More

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What Is A Patent?

  Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs has ushered in the patent war he predicted might happen when he unveiled the iPhone in 2007. In that keynote, Steve Jobs remarked that, “boy have we patented it.” in reference to the revolutionary iPhone. Unfortunately, for Steve and Apple, his worst fear came through, he was  betrayed by one of his most trusted allied (Google). Google went on to release, the now very successful competing Android operation system, which bears a lot of similarities to Apple’s iOS . Anyway, what followed is theRead More

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Sony Has Halted Sales Of Its Xperia Tablet PCs

  Sony appears to be having huge problems with their Xperia tablet PCs. The tablets were unveiled about a month ago to compete with the iPad and other android Tablet. However, new report has surfaced indicating Sony is about to do a recall.  According to a report the very same tablet Sony was touting as having a splash-proof enclosure that – protects it from wet hands and the inevitable kitchen splash or two, is being recall due to a water-proofing defect. Another report by Bloomberg Businessweek, stated that the the device is on sale in the United States, Canada,Read More

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Logitech Launches New Logitech Harmony Touch Remote

  Logitech, leaders in universal remotes, has unveil a new model to their Harmony line – the Logitech Harmony® Touch. The remote features an intuitive colour touch-screen for unprecedented control. The new Harmony Touch remote is touted as being intuitive and esy to use. Users will be able to,” access all your favorite channels with a simple tap, swipe or scroll, removing the hassle of memorizing channel numbers and scrolling through lengthy on-screen guides. You can personalize the experience to quickly and easily find all of your favorite entertainment – from TVRead More

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iOS Apps: New and Free iOS Apps Vol. 13 [iTunes/AppStore]

iTunes Store (iOS Apps): All New Applications (6th September, 2012)     This is a list of brand new iOS Apps published on the UK/US iTunes /AppStore. There are over 600,000 iOS Apps available to choose from, hence there is an App for everyone.     Animal Memory Matching HD for Kids – P2 Mobile 6 September 2012 07:52 Animal Memory Matching HD for Kids P2 Mobile   Genre: Games Price: $0.99 Release Date: September 5, 2012 © © 2012 P2 Mobile Animal Shape Puzzles for Kids – P2 MobileRead More
  WOW! This is getting better and better for Apple. FossPatent has reported that Apple has been granted preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Ace smartphones by a Dutch court. This injunction is Europe-wide. According to Mueller: [box] Let me clarify “formally Europe-wide” here: This relates to countries in which one particular European software patent (EP 2059868) is valid. (Formally it’s a “device” patent, but it doesn’t represent any innovation on the hardware side, so the nature of the invention is that of a software patent theRead More

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Apple: Patent Roundup

  [box] The US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s latest trademark application relating to their figurative, non-textual “iPhoto for iOS” logo. The trademark filing 85700010 includes the International Classification 9 which covers computer software used for image editing and image processing. Apple had also filed their trademark in China and Europe this past week which added International Classifications 41 and 42 which covers photography and digital imaging services in addition to a fascinating entry that might be an eye opener. [/box]     [box] On August 16, 2012, theRead More