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According to a new report from Yonhap – a Seoul-based news agency – Consumer Reports have recommended the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the best smartphone on three major mobile carriers in the United States. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Inc. received the highest score among smartphones available at On AT&T Inc., T-Mobile and Sprint Nextel Corp. Unfortunately, we are not able to link to the Consumer Report article at this time, so we have to take this Yonhap report for what it is. The Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly received the top scores in the categories of voiceRead More
According to a news study from Consumer Report, 39 percent of the more than 100 million American adult Smartphone owners neglect to add basic security  measures, such as using a screen-lock, backing up data, or installing an app to locate a missing phone or remotely wipe its data. This is astounding, given that smartphone are basically mobile PCs (albeit, with less power and storage) containing important personal information. The study illustrates that at least 7.1 million Smartphones were damaged, lost, or stolen and not recovered last year. Despite this, only 69 percentRead More