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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is hiring hundreds of new engineers and supply-chain managers in China and Taiwan as it attempts to speed up product development and launch a wider range of devices. WSJ said the Cupertino-based company is hiring engineers from rival smartphone maker HTC and other Taiwanese tech firms to build up teams in Shanghai and Taipei. This is in addition to several hundred new engineers and operations staff the company hired in China over the past two years. The total number of engineers and operations staff in ChinaRead More
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Apple CEO Tim Cook is having a fabulous time in Beijing, according to a recent tweet. Having fun in Beijing at the iPhone launch with China Mobile! — Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 17, 2014 Tim Cook is currently touring China, promoting the company’s new partnership with China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile carrier. Bloomberg is reporting that Tim Cook  and China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua spent time at the carrier’s headquarters store in Beijing handing out autographed iPhone to the first ten customers. “Today is just the beginning of China Mobile andRead More
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Tim Cook On Why The Apple-China Mobile Deal Took Six Years

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook expalins why the deal between the two companies took so long. Q:  How did the deal, that took six years in the making, come together? Cook:  The iPhone began to support TD-LTE in September, the licenses were issued in November and we announced the deal in December, so it actually came together fairly quickly. Within just eight to ten weeks after Mr. Xi and I met in Cupertino, I came to Beijing.  Mr. Xi and I shookRead More

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iOS vs Android: Both Google and Apple Have Won

Benedict Evans recently posted this tweet: “I am rapidly losing interest in ‘iOS versus Android‘ as a discussion. Both Google and Apple have won.” This reminds me of Steve Jobs‘s keynote at Macworld Boston 1997. After announcing a new partnership with Microsoft (to jeers from the audience), Jobs said: Replace “Microsoft” with “Google” and the same is true today. For Apple to win, Apple has to do a really go job. In an excellent piece, Jay Yarrow describes how Apple continues to excel despite reports of the company’s imminent demise. Jay Yarrow: SourceRead More
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Writing for PCMag, Sascha Segan highlights that the Chinese government has granted Apple access to a huge smartphone subscriber market while other foreign companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter continue to struggle to get a foothold in the country. China is renowned for giving preferential treatment to local companies such as Baidu, Sina, QQ, Alibaba, Meizu and Xiaomi, Segan said. Sascha Segan speculates that the government of China is prepared to work with Apple given the small market share the company is likely to gain due the high costs of their iPhones: China Mobile isRead More
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In his piece for Bloomberg Businessweek, Bruce Einhorn suggests that the multi-year deal Apple recently struck with China Mobile to the iPhone, doesn’t solve anything for both parties. Bruce Einhorn: Coming just a few months after a similar breakthrough with the leading carrier in Japan, NTT Docomo, the China Mobile deal addresses Apple’s traditional weakness in Asia. What it won’t do, however, is propel Apple to the top of the Chinese market. Samsung Electronics is No. 1 now, followed by Lenovo and other local makers that sell good smartphones for far less than the cost of an iPhone. “Chinese consumers like to buy low-end, so-called white box,Read More
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Upsurge In iPhone 5s Sales Take Apple to No.3 Spot In China According to a new report from GoMo News, Apple has surged to number three in the smartphone market share in China in October. This comes on the back of a successful launch of their flagship iPhone 5s. The latest figures from research company Counterpoint, illustrate that many Chinese consumer chose the iPhone over competing products, causing Apple’s market share in the country to 12 percent, a significant increase on the 3 per cent in September 2013. Counterpoint’s Neil ShahRead More
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Here’s Why Apple’s Deal With China Mobile Is A Game-Changer Writing for the Motley Fool,  Joe Tenebruso describes Apple’s rumoured deal with China Mobile as  game-changer. Joe Tenebruso quotes long time Apple analyst , Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who believes that Apple is set to sell 17 million additional iPhone in 2014 because of this deal. Joe Tenebruso: Apple could sell 17 million additional iPhones in 2014 as a result of the deal, which would represent only about 2% of China Mobile’s more than 750 million mobile subscribers. Munster believes this could boost Apple’s revenueRead More
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Horace Dediu: Apple Success All About Customer Loyalty

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China Mobile: Deal With Apple Still Not Finalised

Earlier we reported that Apple has inked a long over due deal to bring their popular iPhone to the world largest mobile carrier – China Mobile. However, a new report from The Australian, indicates that the deal is still to be finalised. According to the report, a spokeswoman for China Mobile has confirmed that talks are still ongoing. “Talks between China Mobile and Apple on cooperation are still going on and we currently do not have anything to announce,” the carrier’s spokeswoman Rainie Lei said overnight. Apple stock has hitRead More
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The Wall Street Journal has recently confirmed that China Mobile would be unveiling the iPhone at an event on December 18. This deal will give Apple access to  user base of over 700 million subscribers. “At the Dec. 18 event, China Mobile plans to unveil a brand for its fourth-generation, or 4G, network. China Mobile executives have said they would only begin to sell the iPhone after introducing 4G services,” Lorraine Luk and Daisuke Wakabayashi report for WSJ. “China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said Wednesday it gave licenses to China Mobile andRead More
Here’s a very interest look at the prices of iPhone 5s around the world. More importantly, you can see the relationship between the price of the iPhone in all the GDP of the countries where it’s currently available. According to the report, China is currently the most expensive with the iPhone 5S price being 9.55% of the average GDP. Whereas the USA, Apple’s home country, is the cheapest, standing at just 1.15%.   SourceRead More