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The Wall Street Journal has published excrepts from  Yukari Kane new book – “Haunted Empire, Apple After Steve Jobs”.  Yukari Kane talks about Apple under Tim Cook, Apple’s relationship with its suppliers, and what has become of the company ofther the lost of Tim Cook. Here are some key highlights from the article: Cook began his career at IBM after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in industrial engineering… He was plucked by Compaq and moved to Houston. One day a headhunter called: Apple was looking for a senior vice president of world-wideRead More

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NCPPR: Tim Cook Tell Investors To Drop Dead

The folks at the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) are not happy with Apple CEO Tim Cook. At Apple’s recent annual shareholders meeting, Tim Cook went ballistic when he was asked by a NCPPR representative to place profit over environmental initiatives. “When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind,” he said, “I don’t consider the bloody ROI.” He said that the same thing about environmental issues, worker safety, and other areas where Apple is a leader. Now NCPPR has hit back in style.  According to Justin Danhof, Esq., directorRead More

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Tim Cook Pays Homage To Steve Jobs In Tweets

Apple CEO Tim Cook to pays his respect to his friend and former boss Steve Jobs on twitter. The late Steve Jobs would have been celebrating his 59th birthday today. Tim Cook commented that the company will honor the great man by continuing the work he loved so much. Tweets posted by Tim Cook on his twitter page: Remembering my friend Steve on his birthday. "Stay hungry, Stay foolish". We honor him by continuing the work he loved so much. — Tim Cook (@tim_cook) February 24, 2014 Remembering Steve onRead More

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Happy Birthday Steve Jobs; May He R.I.P

In honor of Jobs’ birthday, let’s reminisce one of his greatest moments ever – the unveiling of the iPhone in 2007. The late Steve Jobs would have been 59 today. Steve Jobs died in 2011 following a long battle with cancer at age 56. Recently it has been reported that the former Apple CEO may appear on a commemorative U.S. postage stamps in 2015, only four years after his death.  Read More
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook was very bullish on his company’s future. He told the WSJ that Apple has bought $14 billion of its own shares in the two weeks since reporting financial earnings, which disappointed Wall Street. Tim Cook reported that he was “surprised” by the 8% decline in its shares on Jan. 28, but says the buybacks show the team is really confident about the company’s future. “It [buybacks] means that we are betting on Apple. It means that we are really confident onRead More
Apple CEO Tim Cook Meets With Ruler of Dubai – His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Khaleej Times is reporting that Apple CEO Tim Cook met with the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai – His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on Sunday. According to the report, the two men discussed a wide range of issues regarding the future of the IT sector and the sector’s role in developing and advancing education. According to the report: This high profile meetingRead More
Here are some of the most interesting things to come from Tim Cook during Q&A at Apple’s 1Q14 earnings call. Bill Shope – Goldman Sachs & Company: Can you comment on your progress so far in getting down the cost curve for the iPhone, iPad and would you say you are in line with the types of improvement you’ve seen in cycles prior to the iphone-5/” title=”View all articles about iPhone 5 here”>iphone-5/” title=”View all articles about iPhone 5 here”>Read More
Writing for MarketWatch, Brian Solis laments about the lack of innovative products from Apple since the iPad. Solis attributed this mainly to the departure of Apple’s co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs: Brian Solis: Brian Solis is right in that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. However, Cook has a very ambitious and world class designer in Jony with him. This duo is the closest thing the world will see to the late Steve Jobs. Apple’s devoted fans need not concern themselves about the scarcity of innovation at Apple for the next tenRead More
Jony Ive
Leander Kahney, author ofJony Ive, the Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products posits that Ive is now more important to Apple than Job seas before he died in an interview with Dezeen Magazine. Kahney was quick to point that this a quiet a controversial thing to say. He also said that this is probably a testament to the way Jobs went about creating a successful culture at Apple that will last in his absence. However, the future of Apple is not so clear if Ive was to leave the company today. Leander Kahney:Read More
Apple has finally filled their Vice President of Retail and Online Store position with Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry. In a press release the company is stated that Angela Ahrendts will be  joining Apple in a newly created position, as a senior vice president and member of our executive team. This announcement follows a recent collaboration between Apple and the British luxury fashion house, in which the photo and video capabilities of iPhone 5S was shown off before the smartphone was launch to the public. [box title=”Press Release”] Angela Ahrendts to Join Apple as SeniorRead More
Today we have another classic analyst report on the Apple’s iPhone. This prediction came from Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi back in February 2008. To be fair, Toni wasn’t exactly panning the company as many analyst did back in those days. [quote cite=“Toni Sacconaghi ” url=””]Apple’s goal of selling 10 million iPhones this year is optimistic, particularly if Apple insists on carrier revenue sharing without significant price cuts or new model introductions.[/quote] Just to all of this into perspective, Apple sold 9 million iPhones in three days. “This is ourRead More
Samsung Introduces GALAXY Gear, A Wearable Mobile Communications Device Samsung took the wrap off their latest creation – the Galaxy Gear, at the annual Berlin’s IFA trade show today. The Galaxy Gear is a wearable communication device which  combines smart device connectivity, tailored technological features, and stylish design as a single premium accessory, according to the company’s website. “Samsung’s ongoing smart device innovation leadership reflects our commitment to listen to our consumers, who want their daily lives to be easier and more enjoyable. Samsung GALAXY Gear benefits consumers by integrating smart device technologyRead More