Today the ITC issued a final ruling, which found that the iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G models have infringed Samsung’s U.S. Patent No. 7,706,348 – “Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding transport format combination indicator in CDMA mobile communication system. This is in spite of this specific patent being declared standard essential UMTS wireless technology. According to Mueller from FossPatent: This decision is a major surprise. Observers expected an infringement finding with respect to the ‘348 patent after the ITC asked the parties and third-party stakeholders questions relating to this scenario (severalRead More

Posted On November 29, 2012By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Google News

Apple’s iPhone 5 Finally Approved In China

  According a report from Engadget – China, China’s long wait for the iPhone 5 is almost over. The Ministry of Industry and Technology of the People’s Republic of China has approved the iPhone 5 for sale in the country. The filing reveals that a WCDMA and CDMA-2000 version of the iPhone 5 has been approved, which indicates that the iPhone 5 will be available on both China Unicom and China Telecom. From the report: [quote] The long-awaited … also almost necessary to start out! Today, we finally found on the website of the Ministry ofRead More
  Apple is clearly on a winning streak. After getting an injunction against Motorola Mobility, the Cupertino company has been cleared of infringing four of Samsung’s patents. According to FossPatent, “Administrative Law Judge E. James Gildea just issued his preliminary ruling on Samsung’s ITC complaint against Apple. At this stage of the investigation, four Samsung patents, including a couple of allegedly standard-essential ones, are at issue. Samsung had dropped one of its five patents-in-suit, a kind of streamlining that is expected in ITC investigations and also performed by Apple in its own offensive cases.”Read More