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It’s not very often you read something from an Apple investor or Wall Street Analyst that makes sense. However, prominent Apple investor David Einhorn has achieved the impossible in an interview with CNBC (via AllThingsD). Here is what he had to say about Apple becoming the next Blackberry or Motorola: People look at Apple and ask, ‘Is it the next Motorola or BlackBerry? People paid fancy multiples for those stocks and got crushed and they don’t want to go through that again. But I think Apple’s a little bit different fromRead More
Today, Philips has unveiled the Philips dictation recorder app, which transforms Smartphones into a professional dictation device. According to the website, the dictation app allows users to record, edit and send dictation files directly from their Smartphone. “Thanks to modern telecommunications and our new solutions, you can record your dictations wherever you want and send them immediately to your office,” says Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions.”Just imagine: you are sitting at the airport, dictating and sending, and by the time you arrive, you have already received your finished text document by email.Read More
Tech Sina has published what appears to be an interview by  BlackBerry chief marketing officer Frank Boolean. He revealed that his company intends to increase investment in Chinese market. The Waterloo-based company will  launch an unprecedented promotion of the BlackBerry 10 devices when there are release to the Chinese market. Here is an translated version of the  interview (via Tech Sina – Chinese): Q: Why have fallen sharply over the past few years, the market share of BlackBerry? A: In recent years, two major trends rise faster than we expected. A 4G networkRead More
BlackBerry Launches BlackBerry 10 line in India, for 43,490 rupees ($800)
BlackBerry Launches BlackBerry 10 line in India, for 43,490 rupees ($800), which shows that Blackberry still has a huge fan base in the country. BlackBerry Launches BlackBerry 10 line in India, for 43,490 rupees Despite its depature from Japan, Blackberry is launching its new Blackberry 10 line of smartphone in India. This clearly shows that Blackberry still has a huge fan base in the country. Reuters: [quote] BlackBerry launched its first smartphone from its BlackBerry 10 line in India on Monday, pricing the phone at 43,490 rupees ($800). The touch-screen BlackBerry Z10 phone, whichRead More
BlackBerry 10 May Have Been an Enormous, Record-Breaking Flop Writing for Forbes, Louis Bedigian is reporting that Blackberry new smartphone, the Blackberry Z10 might have been an almighty flop. Louis Bedigian: [quote] That excitement may have come to a screeching halt now that the sales figures are beginning to materialize. While BlackBerry has not released the official numbers, analysts have been investigating the situation with their own channel checks. The results have not been what people expected. “Given our store surveys indicated modest Z10 sales into the channel in the U.K. andRead More
BlackBerry Mulling Exit of South Korean Smartphone Market According to Yonhap, a South Korean news website, BlackBerry (formerly RIM) is contemplating leaving the South Korea market. “BlackBerry, a Canadian smartphone maker, may pull out of the South Korean market in the first half of this year due to sluggish sales,” the report states. If this turns out to be the case, this will be the second Asian smartphone market Blackberry will be existing this year. Recently, Blackberry announced that they will not be launching their Blackberry Z10 flagship smartphone in Japan. At the time, Amy McDowell,Read More
Kevin Roose’s Eulogy for His Dead BlackBerry 10 of Four Days Kevin Roose: [quote] I’ll always cherish the memory of the approximately 102 hours we had together. You had some charming features, like not having Skype, Netflix, or Instagram apps available. (It was like going back to 2008! A year I loved!) Or requiring a weird bi-directional swipe to get back to your home screen. Or a game called “Shake Mirror,” which I downloaded from your app store. When I opened it, it said “Shake your phone to see anRead More

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BlackBerry N-Series QWERTY Smartphone Photo Surfaces

  Blackberry blog – Crackberry has posted purported photos of the yet to be seen BlackBerry N-Series QWERTY smartphone. The new BlackBerry N-Series QWERTY is expected to be unveil at a Blackberry event on January 30th 2013. “While we’ve seen more than our fair share of photos of the full-touch BlackBerry Z10, the full QWERTY N-Series model has eluded the camera for quite some time,” Adam Zeis reports for Crackberry. “We’ve seen some photos here and there, but today we have a great shot that show off the device in full glory.” Zeis highlighted that smartphone inRead More

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Barclays Bought 8,500 Apple iPads For Its Employees

  Apple’s move into enterprise continues unabated. Despite the imminent launch of Blackberry 10, it companies are pushing ahead with their adaptation of Apple’s mobile devices. Eariler this week Bloomberg reported that, “the National Transportation Safety Board, which investigates plane accidents, disclosed its plan to switch to Apple Inc.’s iPhone 5 in a document posted last week to a federal website. The BlackBerrys have been “failing both at inopportune times and at an unacceptable rate.” RIM’s CEO Heins defended his company’s product by stating, “Many of these devices sit on BlackBerry 5 orRead More

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Kontra: The Future Is Siri And Google Knows It

  I believe Apple’s Siri defines what Steve Jobs was all about and why he’s such a great lost to Apple. I’ve said before that Steve’s greatest attribute was his ability to see into the future and provide consumers with products and services they didn’t even know they want. One of my favoruite part of Steve Jobs’ Biography was how excited he became during his Xerox Parc company and saw the Graphical User Interface for the first time. According to the report, Steve was hopping around with unbridled excitement. He couldn’tRead More

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Gartner: iPads To Overtake Blackberries In Business

  Gartner Senior VP Peter Sondergaard stated the obvious today. According to the Sondergaard, Apple’s iPad is set to overtake BlackBerry in Business in two years time. Sondergaard was giving the opening keynote at Gartner Symposium IT Expo in Orlando. Sondergaard stated that, “Tablets will continue to shake up the business world,”  he continued by stating that, “In less than two years, iPads will be more common in business than Blackberries. Some CIOs are now placing orders for tens of thousands of iPads at a time.” One of the big driver behind this change is “Bring YourRead More

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Advantages Of Owning An iOS Device: SharePrice [part 1]

  For those of you who are contemplating buying your first iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod or an Apple TV) or owns one, this article is for you. I’m a proud owner of all of the afore mentioned devices along with an iMac and MacBook. Consequently, I’m in a very good position to make comments based on my personal experience. Due to the high prices of these devices, some people find it difficult justifying their purchase. Consequently, I’m going write a series of articles title – Advantages Of Owning An iOSRead More