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First Photo of the iPhone 5S Suggests it has Passed 3C Certification; China Launch Imminent The folks from C Technology have done it again. They have posted the first ever photo of the next – generation iPhone, widely refer to as the iPhone 5S, fully assembled. The image shows the iPhone wrapped in some kind of  plastic case, but the rumored dual-LED flash depict in the photo suggest that this might be the next-generation iPhone 5S. Must Read New Photo of Pink iPhone 5C in Complete Packaging Leaked High-Res Images of iPhoneRead More
iPhone 5S Packaging

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New Photo of the iPhone 5S Packaging Leaked

Earlier this week published leaked packaging of the iPhone 5C, Today we have the first leaked purported of the iPhone 5S. The images are not that clear, however, it does provides some more details of what we can expect in the next generation iPhone. The box design maintains the same style as the iPhone 5S, which is to say that it does not look like the iPhone 5C packaging. The iPhone 5S name is printed on one side of the box in the usual Apple style. A standout feature ofRead More

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Apple Already Shipping iPhones to the US [Rumor]

Apple Already Shipping iPhones to the US  MacX, a Chinese technology website, is reporting that reliable sources have informed the website that Apple has already begun shipping iPhones to the US. The report suggest that Apple is hoping to have enough supplies of iPhones in stock at carrier partners, third-party retailers/distributors and its own retail stores for a launch date on September 20. Apple has 1.2 million iPhone 5C shipped to the United States, the report said. Over the last few days, we published several photos of the purported iPhone 5C packed andRead More
According to the latest report from C Technology, they received a purported photo of the iPhone 5S Home, which appears to be slightly redesigned.  Instead on the square white marking in the Home button, we have a diamond shape. The reported stated that the anonymous source of the picture, informed the blog that the iPhone 5S Home button is like a brushed material, feels very good, but they are not sure about the type of material used. Furthermore, when compared with the iPhone 5 Home button, the iPhone 5S feels slightly elevated.Read More
iPhone 5C
Recently we posted a purported image of the Pink iPhone 5C in its neat transparent package. Today, the same folks at Sina Weibo have managed to get their hands of more images of the Blue and Yellow iPhone 5C in similar packages. These new images are much clearer than the previous, giving readers a better idea of what to expect. Must Read More Images of iPhone 5C instructions and Sim Card Ejector Leaked Leaked Photo of iPhone 5S Home Button Hints at Fingerprint Sensor As noted before, the design of theRead More
Ultra High Resolution Photos of Champagne iPhone 5S Back Housing Here we have the most beautiful photos yet of the rumored Champagne iPhone 5S. The photos show the stunning hardware design of the iPhone 5S back housing – this surely going to be a beauty. These images came to us courtesy of Sonny Dickson (via There is also a few images of the White iPhone 5C for good measure. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at a special event on September 10.Read More
APPLE iTV & iOS7 TV style
Apple’s iTV Concept Running iOS 7 By Matt Barrieres Matt Barrieres has created this really nice iTV concept which runs iOS 7 and uses hand gestures to control the device.  Apple is rumored to be building a full -fledge TV product. This device is expected to be release something next year along with an smart watch device – iWatch. Matt Barrieres: “After all the changes that iOS7 is bringing us and all the confirmation that an Apple iTV will be in production beginning 2014, the APPLE iTV might be real by the end ofRead More

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New HD Video of iPhone 5C Rear Shell

New HD Video of iPhone 5C Rear Shell Yesterday we were one of the first tech blog to publish the image of the iPhone 5C undergoing testing. Today’s video by iCrackUriDevice shows the Red, Yellow, Green, White and Blue rear shells of the  iPhone 5C. According to the report, the iPhone 5C will be launched in the five colors shown in the video. Consequently, supporting an earlier report by Sonny Dickson that the leaked black iPhone 5C rear shell was a fake. The report also confirms that the “C” moniker means color.Read More
New images of the purported iPhone 5C has been leaked online by Romanian website – The report claims that these are the dummy iPhone 5Cs that will be used by mobile operators to showcase the device. Subsequently, this is as close to the real thing we’ve seen so far. The report stated the dummies were sent exclusively them by Romanian mobile retailer- with promises of more to come. The iPhone 5C is the low cost version of the iPhone and is expected to be unveiled at a special event onRead More
The latest rumor from Asia suggests that the licensed version of the iPhone 5C  will be priced at 3,399 yuan, while the iPhone 5S is expected to retail for 5,599 yuan. Both devices will reportedly go on sale November 28, according to the report. Other key highlights from the report include: The  iPhone 5S will have gold edition The main camera upgraded to 12 -megapixels with a large f2.0 aperture An improved pixel front camera Support for the Home key fingerprint identification and NFC capabilities. A recent report Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty revealedRead More

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New Photos of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on Display

Today we have alleged photos of the Champagne color iPhone 5S lined up with the Black and Silver iPhone. Based on the photos, the new color on the iPhone appears more “Champagne” rather than  “Gold.” It’s also apparent that the Black and Silver iPhones depicted in the photos are the iPhone 5 and not the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S is expected to feature  an oblong shaped dual-LED Flash, which will improve photograph in low light conditions. This feature will also distinguish it from the iPhone 5 to the casual observer,Read More
Foss Patent is reporting that Apple has filed a motion opposing Samsung’s motion for a new rubber- patent trial. Samsung originally  filed a motion for a new trial about its liability for infringement of the ‘381 rubber-banding patent. Samsung argued that the patent has now been narrowed in scope due to Apple’s statements during the reexamination process, suggesting a different outcome of the infringement analysis, the report said. According to the report, Apple responded to Samsungs Monday, here are some of the highlights: According to Apple, Samsung’s motion can be deniedRead More