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Expect Labs Unveils MindMeld iPad App  Expect Labs, a technology startup based in San Francisco unveiled MindMeld. MindMeld is a group voice and video calling app for the iPad. The can analyze and understand your conversations in real-time in order to anticipate information you may need as you talk. According to PRNewswire report, “MindMeld proactively finds and displays relevant information during your conversations so that you can quickly jog your memory, share important facts on the fly and brainstorm more effectively.” CEO and co-founder Timothy Tuttle of MindMeld had this to say: [box]Read More

Posted On September 11, 2012By Storm WilliamsIn Tech News Launches a New Parking App for iPhone has launch a new mobile App aimed at assisting motorists to avoid areas due to the cost of parking. According to the website, “ Parking is the new easy-to-use parking app that gives drivers directions to car parks, finds out how much they charge, and helps drivers choose the closest and cheapest location via their current location using the GPS on their mobile phone or by typing in an area or postcode.” This will be very good news for motorist. Finding a car park is already a chore,Read More

Posted On September 7, 2012By Storm WilliamsIn iOS Apps

iOS Apps: New and Free iOS Apps Vol. 14 [iTunes/AppStore]

iTunes Store (iOS Apps): All New Applications (7th September, 2012)   This is a list of brand new iOS Apps published on 7th September in iTunes /AppStore. There are over 600,000 iOS Apps available to choose from, hence there is an App for everyone. Ad Age Interact – Nellymoser, Inc. 7 September 2012 08:13 Ad Age InteractNellymoser, Inc.   Genre: News Release Date: September 6, 2012   © © 2012 Nellymoser, Inc. ADHD Tracker 1.0 – American Academy of Pediatrics 7 September 2012 08:13 ADHD Tracker 1.0American Academy of PediatricsRead More