Samsung: We want to remain No. 1 flat-screen TV maker

According to Koreatimes Samsung wants to maintains its current title as the World’s No. 1 flat-screen television manufacturer for the foreseeable future. Samsung has won the title for the sixth consecutive year in 2011. Kim Yoo-chul reported that Samsung’s TV segment head Yoon Boo-Keun wants sales of growing. Yoon Boo-Keun is quoted as saying:

There’s no question that Samsung should lead the global TV market for the sixth straight year because we have more varied products coupled with highly customized content. Prices are dropping and that’s a problem. But Samsung thinks the global TV market will rise 10 percent this year from 2010.

Samsung is witnessing other companies such as LG, Sony and Panasonic struggle in the United States and Europe as sales falls. Sony is looking to overhaul its TV business while LG is thinking of cutting its annual sales goal by 20 percent. Yoon states that Samsung will be unveiling a variety of Internet-enabled TVs and smart television content to offer wider options. Smart TVs combine the traditional role of televisions with the versatility provided by the Internet, turning television sets into a one stop entertainment hub.


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