Report: Facebook Usage in Major Markets has Peaked


According to a new report, Facebook has seen a decline in the number of visitors to the site in major markets in the last month.  The study conducted by data analysis firm SocialBakers, shows that the world’s largest social network has lost six-million US visitors, a 4% fall and a 1.4 million decline in the UK visits, a fall of 4.5%.

“The problem is that, in the US and UK, most people who want to sign up for Facebook have already done it,” said new media specialist Ian Maude at Enders Analysis. “There is a boredom factor where people like to try something new. Is Facebook going to go the way of Myspace? The risk is relatively small, but that is not to say it isn’t there.”

However, it’s not all bad news for the social networking giant, with emerging markets showing strong growth. Facebook is still growing in South America with monthly visitors in Brazil increased by 70 million and India seeing an increase of 64 million users in the last month, according to SocialBakers.

Facebook is set to update investors on Wednesday of the company’s performance in the last quarter ending March. Analysts expect revenues of about $1.44-billion, up from $1.06-billion a year ago.
Source: Guardian

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