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Speculation surrounding the iPad mini has reached fever pitch. According to reports Apple is set to debut the iPad mini alongside the iPhone 5 at an event schedule for 12 September. The iPad mini is would seek to maintain Apple’s dominance in the tablet market. Recent report by IHS iSuppli illustrate that Apple’s iPad holds 70% share of the tablet market. This is remarkable considering that the market has a wide range of tablets from various vendors.

With regards go the iPad mini, this what 9to5 Mac had to say:

We received a number of tips over the last few weeks from sources that we have reason to believe hold knowledge about Apple’s plans on the upcoming iPad mini. A recurring theme of late is that the iPad mini will “look like a big iPod touch” with smaller bezels along the sides in portrait mode and separate volume buttons and not a “rocker” and a mic on the back.

In addition, we received a number of different iPad mini back plates with the best quality being these from case maker Devicewear

The 9to5 Mac report was supported by John Gruber of DaringFireball. Gruber reports that the “Apple product designs are true to themselves. Each thing has proportions suited to its own nature. Consider how the iPad doesn’t look like a blown up iPhone. They share a few similar design elements — a family resemblance, if you will — but the proportions are different.The iPad has a thick bezel surrounding all four sides of the display; the iPhone does not. Why? Because you need a place to rest your thumbs while holding an iPad.” He posits that, “the iPad Mini will bear more resemblance to a full-size iPad than it will to an iPhone or iPod Touch. For one thing, it’s closer in size to the iPad-as-we-know it, and for another, all credible reports (along with several of my own little birdies) point to the smaller iPad keeping the 4:3 display aspect ratio.”

Sources: DaringFireball, 9to5 Mac

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