Microsoft has released customer preview of Office 2013 and the cloud-based Office 365

MicrosoftMicrosoft has launched customer preview versions of both Office 2013 and the cloud-based Office 365 yesterday. The new are reported to be redesigned with the emphasises placed on making it touch friendly for tablets and smartphone. The released document states:

A new Office has arrived. It’s a powerful service that helps you unleash your best ideas, get things done and stay connected on the go. Simply sign in for a personalized experience and all the most up-to-date Office applications, with new and enhanced features continually being added. Be one of the first to try it today.


PCWorld, Tony Bradley writes, “Both Office 2013 and Office 365 offer largely the same user experience, but Microsoft is clearly steering its customers toward the cloud-based version. The company is also marketing Office 365 to consumers for the first time, rather than strictly to businesses. Purchase the traditional boxed copy of the software, and you get a license to install the software on one device. You can also use Office 365 on any computer or tablet, but that won’t be very useful if you find yourself somewhere without your usual computer and without Internet access.” He also noted that if you, “Buy a subscription to Office 365, and you get licenses to download and install Office 2013 on up to five devices (right now, the list of compatible devices is limited to PCs and tablets running Windows 7 or Windows 8, though Microsoft says Office 2013 for Mac will be available by the time the final software is released).”

In wrapping up his first impression Tony Bradley writes, “Overall, the experience is solid. Using it differs from using a mouse and keyboard with a traditional PC, but it’s a functional arrangement. Microsoft has obviously invested a lot of thought and effort in ensuring that the tablet experience that Office offers is worthy of the Microsoft Office name.We’ll be publishing our first impressions of the software this week, kicking off the series with this look at how the software suite runs on laptop, desktop touchscreen, and tablet platforms.”

Sources: PCWorldMicrosoft

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