IGZO panels are seen as high priority by panel makers

Digitime is reporting that panel makers are starting to focus on IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels due to improvements with the panel’s yield. The panels are reported to be used in high screen resolution products such as Apple’s latest iPad. Digitimes reports that:

IGZO technology provides LCD screens with lower energy consumption through smaller, thin-film transistors (TFTs) and increased pixel transparency. It has a higher electron mobility, which allows for more current to pass through the TFTs, which also allows for more illumination capabilities.Panel makers as a whole are looking to further their global competitiveness by shifting their focus to producing high-end value-added panels such as IGZO, LTPS, AMOLED and even flexible displays, said sources.
This will help increase shipments for the technologies, which could potentially cause a price battle between various panel makers. Since the release of Apple’s third generation iPad the technology has been highly coveted by Taiwan- and China-based panel makers who are looking for ways to produce high-resolution panels that are thin and ultra-mobile.
In June, Sharp shipped approximately 100,000 IGZO panels and the number is expected to increase to 200,000 in July. In addition, sources have received information that Sharp will expand its IGZO panel production by constructing a new plant in Guishan, southern China to meet increasing orders.

This could be good news for consumers who are spoilt by the amazing display of the New iPad.

YouTube Video of IGZO

Source: Digitimes

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