Eric Schmidt – Gangnam Style Dance

  • September 27, 2012

Gangnam Style Dance



A new video has surfaced with Google very own Eric Schmidt doing the Gangnam style dance during his visit to South Korea. This undoubtfully would go down very well in South Korea and a good PR boast for the Mountain view company.


Why is this the case? Simply put, the Gangam Style dance is taking South Korea by Storm.


What is Gangnam Style Dance?

The dance has been made famous by Psy – a South Korean Pop star who has made the dance famous.

According to a report from the KoreaTimes:

“Gangnam Style catapulted Psy to overnight global stardom. He is now on top of the world with the unprecedented popularity of his latest single that became the most-liked video in YouTube history. In the three months since the hit song was released it has attracted more than 260 million YouTube views. With the tremendous popularity of the track around the world, the district of Gangnam, which literally means “south of the River,” has also become a place that arouses the curiosity of foreigners.”

Looking at Pys preforming his dance is in concert gives you a pretty good idea of why this is taking the world by storm. It very funny and entertaining to say the less. The report highlighted that Psy – lyrics is about Koreans living in affluent areas becoming carefree and sexy  at nigh while adopting a quiet and sophisticated persona during the day. Gangnam area is reported to “the Beverly Hills of Seoul, with here are shopping streets selling high-end, exotic goods, top-rated private and public educational institutes, luxurious boutiques, plastic surgery clinics, hot nightclubs and slick office buildings. It’s a smorgasbord of capitalistic desires.”

Good on Eric for joining in on the fun.



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