ConsumerReports: Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Best Smartphone in the US


According to a new report from Yonhap – a Seoul-based news agency – Consumer Reports have recommended the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the best smartphone on three major mobile carriers in the United States. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Inc. received the highest score among smartphones available at On AT&T Inc., T-Mobile and Sprint Nextel Corp.

Unfortunately, we are not able to link to the Consumer Report article at this time, so we have to take this Yonhap report for what it is.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly received the top scores in the categories of voice calls, usability, messaging and four others, according to the report.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released late April in the United States, Germany, France, Britain and 56 other countries.

Samsung tab_8

In addition to dethroning Apple in the smartpone market. Consumer Report is also reporting that the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has achieved top marks in their latest Ratings of 7- to 8-inch Wi-Fi tablets.

According to the report:

It’s largely the Galaxy’s versatility that puts it at the top, with its innovative stylus and a feature lineup that includes GPS and a memory-card reader. (In comparison, the iPad Mini has none of those, but it also costs $70 less).

One of the features that sets this tablet apart is the Note software that comes with it. You get handwriting recognition, the ability to multitask by running two apps side by side (with certain apps only), and Adobe Photoshop Touch, a robust photo editor that works with the stylus. The Galaxy Note 8 is available only in a 16GB version, but the memory-card reader leaves plenty of room for memory expansion.

Source: Yonhap

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