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Posted On November 24, 2015By Storm WilliamsIn Editorials, Featured, Tech News

What 2016 Has In Store For Bitcoin

Bitcoin has performed pretty well in 2015 after a volatile stretch between 2012 and 2014. The price has remained consistently above $200, and in recent months has hovered near the $400 mark at times. This has lead many to feel bullish about the cryptocurrency’s prospects for the coming year. Some are predicting the price could reach $600 or higher in 2016, while others don’t see gains moving quite as steadily. But the truth is, the pure value of Bitcoin is now only part of the conversation about where it’s heading.Read More

Posted On April 30, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Featured, Tech News

Oversized Headphones Defy Tech Product Trends

For many years, tech industries were all about creating the sleekest and smallest desires. And to some extent, this remains true. Apple offers numerous prime examples, most notably through its “air” series of tablets and computers that were designed to provide the same capability of larger devices with impressively light designs. And while larger smartphones such as the Samsung Note series and the upcoming iPhone 6 (rumored to be debuting a larger design than any previous iPhone) may seem to signal a reversal of the trend toward tiny tech, theyRead More

Posted On March 10, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Tech News

Leaked High Resolution Photos Of HTC One 2014

Tencent Digital News has leaked high resolution photos of the HTC One (M8) smartphone set to unveil later this month. The model exposed in the photos appears to be a China Mobile 4G version. According to the report the HTC One (2014) is expected to feature: A full metal body design, similar to that of the HTC 0ne (2013), grid-like dual front facing speakers and rear facing camera sporting dual lens and dual LED flash. HTC is expected to officially launch the phone at an event on March 25th. Read More

Posted On February 26, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Tech News

Is This Motorola’s Smartwatch?

A blurry image of a smartwatch bearing the Motorola logo surfaced online today. C Technology published the photo on their Weibo account. According TechRadar, Motorola has revealed that they are in the process of developing a smartwatch at MWC 2014. “It’s our intention to deliver interesting wearable technology – we are developing a watch which will be coming out in the next year,” Rick Osterloh, SVP product management, said at the event. “Our main focus is that we will start to solve a real user problem in that there are no wearable productsRead More
Shot Time

Posted On December 17, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Featured, Tech News

Drink Responsibly This Holidays With “Shot Time”

Patrick Zwarych has found a way for folks to keep count of the amount of drinks they had by using his Shot Time glass.  According to Zwarych, Shot Time allows users to calculate the exact amount of liquor consumed over time, then stores and displays it until reset. Patrick Zwarych Shot Time project is currently on KickStarter. The campaign has gathered 21 backers, pledging a total sum of $1,007 CAD in the last 22 days. According to the website information, the project will only be funded if at least$15,000 is pledged by Wednesday Jan 8, 10:00pm EST. The Shot Time’s KickStarter page states: MadeRead More
  A new study by Lookout – a mobile security company,  and Sprint revealed a few alarming facts about the usage of mobile phones in the Post PC era. One of these is that 1 out of 2 people don’t have a passcode on their mobile phone. Hence, it appears strange that Apple Touch ID fingerprint technology is criticized in some quarters for not being secure enough. Touch ID is far more secure than nothing. Key findings from the study include: The majority of Americans admitted they can’t go oneRead More
After calculating the saturation point of smartphone in the US, Horace Dediu takes on the top five countries in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK). Horace Dediu: As with the previous analysis, the graph identifies the following dates: The Innovators’ period ended in the EU5 approximately in September 2006. (The equivalent period ended in the US in February 2007.) The Early Adoption period ended in the EU5 in August 2009. (US: December 2009). The Early Majority period ended in the EU5 in August 2012. (US: September 2012) Late Majority will endRead More

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HTC One Max Fingerprint Identification Functions Leaked

A new report from C Technology gives us more detail on the rumored fingerprint sensor coming in the new HTC One Max Sense 5.5. HTC is following in the footstep of Apple in launching a fingerprint sensor on their smartphone. While Apple’s Touch ID is built into the Home Button, making inconvenient for users to unlock their phone with ease. HTC’s fingerprint sensor is located at the back of the phone. According to the report,  HTC fingerprint instructions suggest that the company will allow users to perform various functions withRead More

Posted On September 28, 2013By Storm WilliamsIn Apple News, Tech News

Vertigate: iOS 7 Causing Motion Sickness

Phillip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune Tech Apple 2.0 highlights what it means to be a successful company like Apple.   [quote cite=”Philip Elmer-DeWitt ” url=””]You knew there’d be something. Last year it was the iPhone app that replaced Google Maps. In 2010 it was the iPhone 4’s external antenna. In 2011, with the introduction iPhone 4S, the headlines were dominated by Steve Jobs, who died the next day. If there has ever been a product launch in the modern history of Apple (AAPL) that didn’t backfire — at least in the headlinesRead More
According to a report from Chinese tech blog CTECHN, OPPO in Beijing officially released a new N-Lens series and its first product OPPO N1. The new smartphone sports a 206-degree rotating camera, the world first rotating camera on an Android smartphone. Here are some of the key stand out features of the Android powered device.The OPPO N1 comes with a sleek hardware design. A new rotating camera at the top of the device. The he top of the camera has a dual LED  the main camera lens for the 13 million-pixelRead More
According to a recent report from China, the specs of the HTC One Max code name HTC 8088 has hit the internet. This follows earlier leaks of the 5.9-inch display smartphone , which is expected to come with a  fingerprint sensor and wireless charging support. Other key features of the HTC One Max include: A 5.9-inch screen display A 1080p resolution 1.7G quad-core processor and 2G RAM A 2.0-megapixel front camera and 4.0-megapixel rear camera 4G network (TD-LTE) support, Android 4. 3 operating system and a battery capacity of 3300 mA. The report suggests that theRead More
IDC: Tablet Shipments Forecast to Top Total PC Shipments in the 4Q2013 and Annually by 2015 The latest International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker, the worldwide smart connected device market, comprised of PCs, tablets, and smartphones, is forecast to grow 27.8% year over year in 2013, slightly lower than the 30.3% growth in 2012. The growth will be driven by tablet and smartphone shipments, while the PC outlook has been lowered by 10% in 2013. “As a result, expects tablet shipments to surpass total PC shipments (desktop plusRead More