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Posted On August 22, 2012By Storm WilliamsIn Tech Quotes

Purported iPhone 5 charge/sync cable Surface

  [box] A single photo of a purported charge and sync cable for the next-generation iPhone 5 has appeared online. A representative of alerted iLounge to the picture, which has been posted to Twitter. The cable appears to be highly similar to past Apple cables, with a full-sized USB plug on one end and what appears to be Apple’s newly shrunken 8-pin connector on the other [/box] This is getting more and more interesting. It’s not long now. [button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Source[/button]    Read More

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Windows Phone to over take Blackberry by November 2012

  [box] This chart from StatCounter, posted by WMPoweruser, shows the market share of smartphones running BlackBerry OS vs. Windows Phones. It’s actually quite surprising: Projecting the trend of both platforms forward a few months, Windows Phone will actually overtake BlackBerry this year, sometime in November 2012. That would be an impressive milestone for Windows Phone considering it will be almost exactly two years after its U.S. launch in November 2010 that it leapfrogs one of the smartphone brands that helped define the category. At the time, BlackBerry was atRead More

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Tech Asia Round up

Tech Asia [box] Xiaomi is a smartphone-maker that’s often likened to Apple and last week the company unveiled its much anticipated new device, one year after launching the Mi1, which sold more than 3 million units in China. The Indian government has moved to restrict SMS usage in the troubled north of the country where it was being used to spread false rumors, in a move that shows just how important mobile and technology are in today’s age, right across the world.  Sharp is struggling right now and last weekRead More

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Leaked photos of next iPhone Display Panel

  [box] UBreakiFix has received these photos of the full front panel of the next generation iPhone from one of their distributors. The parts don’t appear to be particularly revealing. We’ve seen similar components before with the exception of a close look at the new iPhone’s LCD screen. The new screen is said to have increased to 4″ in diagonal (up from 3.5″) while preserving the same pixel density as the current iPhone design. This would provide apps with additional screen space to fill. UBreakiFix also provided a zoomed inRead More

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Apple: Patent Roundup

  [box] The US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s latest trademark application relating to their figurative, non-textual “iPhoto for iOS” logo. The trademark filing 85700010 includes the International Classification 9 which covers computer software used for image editing and image processing. Apple had also filed their trademark in China and Europe this past week which added International Classifications 41 and 42 which covers photography and digital imaging services in addition to a fascinating entry that might be an eye opener. [/box]     [box] On August 16, 2012, theRead More

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Don’t blame the link blog 

Marco Arment: [quote] I’ve taken the link-blog format Gruber popularized and found my own way with it, and hopefully, that provides value and differentiation for readers. And I highly suggest to other writers that they find their own way. Rather than letting my links tell a story arc with minimal commentary, I use link posts as a formatting convenience when I have a paragraph or three in response, but not enough material or time for an article. If I don’t have anything meaningful to say about a link, or ifRead More