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Apple to Produce Phablets Soon Called ‘iPhablet’ or ‘iPhone Plus’ According a report from International Business Times (Australia), Barclay Capital’s Ben Reitzer reports that Apple should join the phablet market.  International Business Times (Australia): [quote] The phablet segment is rising and analysts believe Apple should join the bandwagon and let out the ‘iPhablet’ or ‘iPhone Plus’ from its arsenal soon. By 2015, the phablet market will see shipments of up to 230 million units, Barclay Capital’s Ben Reitzer recently wrote, adding that the tech giant would find irresistible not to issue its ownRead More
  BBC Worldwide Launches BBC Sport App For International Fans The official BBC Sport app is the sports fan’s guide to live sport news, stats, fixtures and results, curated by the BBC’s team of sport journalists. From Mashable: [quote] The free app for iPhone and iPod Touch devices — an Android version will follow soon — includes a range of BBC Sport content such as live scores, stats, schedules, standings and commentary. A customizable menu lets users highlight the sports that most interest them. Most fans will likely use the app to follow EnglishRead More
160,000 iPhone 5s Sold in Russia Since Official Launch BrightWire (via Euroset) is reporting that 160,000 iPhone 5s sold in Russia since official launch According to the report: [quote] About 160,000 iPhone 5 devices have been sold in Russia to date, since their official launch in December 2012, a study by mobile retailer Euroset has shown. In December, Apple’s share of the Russian smartphone market in terms of value reached 20%, overtaking Nokia, which occupied a 15% share. Samsung held a market share of 38% in terms of value. InRead More
Apple iPhone 4S Continues to Enjoy Strong Consumer Demand According to Digitime, Apple can credit its record – breaking fourth quarter of 2012 of 47.8 million units of iPhone shipped to the strong demands of the iPhone 4S. Digitimes: [quote]  … the iPhone 4S contributed about 20 million units, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. The sources believe that the strong price/performance ratio of the iPhone 4S compared to the iPhone 5 allowed the previous-generation smartphone to continue seeing strong demand in the retail channel and the unexpected outcomeRead More
InformationWeek Reports: Apple In The Enterprise Is No Longer An Oxymoron  InformationWeek Reports: [quote] The phrase “Apple in the enterprise” is no longer an oxymoron. Our InformationWeek Apple Outlook Survey of 574 business technology professionals combined responses from 331 laptop, desktop or mobile device decision-makers and 243 end users to paint a picture of how and where Apple gear is being used. Education and media/entertainment represent just 16% of our survey respondent base, and organizations with 10,000 or more employees are the single largest company size cohort, at 26%. And it’s notRead More

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Omnilert’s Revolutionary ‘SMS Inbox’

Tech Quotes..quotes from the best news and tech writings on the web. Omnilert’s Revolutionary ‘SMS Inbox’ Manages Ongoing Dialog with Emergency Alert Recipients According to Omnilert press release: [quote] Omnilert, LLC today announced the release of a major breakthrough in interactive mass communications. “SMS Inbox” is a revolutionary new feature that organizes incoming responses toemergency alerts in a way that helps administrators gain better situational awareness to manage an incident. Additionally, system administrators can respond back to individual recipients via SMS text messages from the SMS Inbox cloud-based interface. The newRead More

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BBC: ‘Bionic man’ Surprises Roboticists

‘Bionic man’ Surprises Roboticists BBC: [quote] A bionic man, complete with working artificial organs, synthetic blood and functioning limbs has been built by robotics experts. Costing more than £500,000 to build, the human-like machine is on display at the Science Museum in London. Robotics expert Richard Walker, and Prof Alexander Seifalian of University College London, explained to the BBC’s John Maguire how aspects of technology for helping physically handicapped people, were brought together for the project.[/quote] Tech Quotes..quotes from the best news and tech writings on the web.Read More
Here Is What HP Had To Say About The Dell Privatization Deal Earlier today in a press release, Dell had this to say about the company going private: [quote] Dell Inc. has signed a definitive merger agreement under which Michael Dell, Dell’s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in partnership with global technology investment firm Silver Lake, will acquire Dell. Under the terms of the agreement, Dell stockholders will receive $13.65 in cash for each share of Dell common stock they hold, in a transaction valued at approximately $24.4 billion.Read More

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Samsung: We Don’t Want To Settle With Apple

“Samsung’s insistence that it has no plans to negotiate a settlement with Apple may simply be a head fake in a long-running legal game between the two companies.” John Lowensohn writes for CNET, “It’s foolish to rule out the possibility of peace between the two given how far the fight’s gone and how much is still left to sort out legally,say intellectual property and legal experts.” “The myriad lawsuits involving iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy Smartphones and tablets is ultimately a proxy for an increasingly bitter rivalry between Apple and Google’s Android operating system, which has taken aRead More

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The Ultimate TV Theme Songs Medley

I came across this post of Mashable that brought back a lot of memories about my favourite shows. Jimmy Fallon was entertaining the cast from “Guys With Kids” Cast and they preformed a medley of the ultimate TV Theme songs. I know this is not the typical tech post, but what the heck. Hope you enjoy it.   And I share the same favoruite TV Theme Anthony Anderson:     Source: MashableRead More
  Microsoft has released Windows 8 Golden Master to developers [box] Tonight we can confirm via two known sources that Windows Phone 8 has RTM’d. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, RTM stands for Release to Manufacturing (aka “going gold”) and is one of the final steps in getting the software to market. We’re also told that this RTM date was planned and that Windows Phone 8 is “on time”. Windows Phone 8 codenamed ‘Apollo’ has been in development since 2011. The previous major branch of Windows Phone codenamedRead More

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Concept Video of Apple’s iPhone 5

I thought this was a very nice concept video of the iPhone 5 until the Rubber-band Electronic. What was that?Read More