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Honan for Wired: “Facebook’s ‘Phone’ Is Another Triumph of Mediocrity” “Maybe you were hoping for something radically new and different from a Facebook phone. If so, Zuck just broke your heart,” Mat Honan writes for Wired. “But so what. Facebook never does anything new. New doesn’t matter in the blue. What matters is this: What Mark Zuckerberg announced today runs software called Facebook Home that makes it easier for people to spend more time with Facebook. And that’s all he really needed to pull off.” “In fact, the long rumored FacebookRead More
The Verge has an interesting interview with Golden Krishna, Senior Designer at Samsung Innovation Labs, at SXSW 2013. According to the report Golden Krishna, is looking to change the way we view the user interfaces of our devices. “Our love for the digital interface is out of control,” Krishna told the Verge. The best interface is no interface from Cooper on Vimeo.   From the Verge report: [quote] “The best interface is no interface,” he repeated over and over at a SXSW keynote this morning. Three principles form the roots of the movement he’s pioneering, whichRead More
Yonhap, a Koran based news agency, is reporting that Samsung has become the number vendor of smartphone in the Chinese market in 2012. The achievement was due to tripling their sales of 2011 in the world’s largest smartphone market. Data by market researcher Strategy Analytics shows that Samsung Electronics sold 30.06 million smartphones in China last year, up from 10.90 million units in 2011, In the process, Samsung has gained 17.7 percent smartphone market in China. From the report: [quote] Last year’s market share represents a 5.3 percentage point increase from the previous year.Read More
Sony to launch Firefox OS smartphone based on the Xperia E in India The Mobile Indian (via Ibnlive) is reporting that Sony is set to launch new handsets in India running Mozilla’s Firefox operating system in India soon. “We are already in the process of working on a handset with the Firefox operating system for the Indian market. It will have applications and tweaks to suit the market here.” according to a Sony insider who doesn’t want to be named for obvious reasons. At Mobile World Congress 2013, Mozilla announced itsRead More
David Sobotta: The Strangest Nine Months of My Career at Apple David Sobotta, a former Apple employee, recounts a meeting with his then Vice President in 2003: [quote] There was one thing our vice president had right. It was the description he had given me as we walked into the meeting. He told me that it was going to be “a behind the woodshed beating.” It was. This was the first sales meeting in my career that was dedicated to telling a team how worthless they were. It went againstRead More
iPad mini phil schiller
Phil Schiller on Android Security: “Be Safe Out There” According to a report from CNET, Apple’s Marketing Chief Phil Schiller took to twitter  to voice his opinion on  F-Secure Labs’ latest quarterly Mobile Threat report. Schiller tweet warned users to “be safe out there.” The report (PDF) highlighted that malware on Google’s Android is on the increase. According to the report: [quote] Android malware has been strengthening its position in the mobile threat scene. Every quarter, malware authors brings forth new threat families and variants to lure more victims and to update on the existingRead More
Huawei CEO: We Can Overtake Apple and Samsung Currently the smartphone market is dominated by Apple and Samsung. These two companies have nearly 90 percent of the smartphone marketshare. However, Wan Biao – chief executive of Huawei Devices, believes his company can give these two companies a run for their money. “Wan Biao is the chief executive of Huawei Devices, the division of the company leading the charge to move from controversial infrastructure provider to a top global company whose products consumers aspire to own,” Matt Warman writes for The Telegraph.Read More
Apple to Release iPhone 5S and Low Cost iPhone in August 2013 – iPhone 5S will apparently be compatible with China Mobile, whilst the cheaper iPhone with cost US$330.   Apple to Release iPhone 5S and Low Cost iPhone in August 2013 Yesterday, AppleInsider reported that a new iPhone design with a polycarbonate body is on its way according to reports from Asia. The new iPhone will apparently be priced at $330, comes with a 4.5-inch display  and set to be release in 2014. AppleInsider: [quote] A new iPhone design with aRead More
Sony Selling Tokyo office for US1.2 billion dollars Tech Sina is reporting that Sony is about to sell its Tokyo’s main office building in  “Sony City Osaki” (Sony city of Osaki office) for  111 100 000 000 yen (approximately U.S. $ 1.2 billion). Tech Sina: [quote] After the sale, Sony will lease back the form to continue in the office building office for five years. Sony said that part of the proceeds will be included in the fiscal 2012 fourth quarter results, it is expected that the increase will be SonyRead More
Samsung Park
Samsung to Spend US$300 Million to Build a Park in the U.S According to Tech Sina (via The Verge), Samsung is planning to spend US$300,000, 000 to build a park in U.S. city of San Jose, expanding their influence in Silicon Valley. Yep, taking a leaf out of Apple’s book, again. Report: [quote] The new park is designed by the famous architectural firm NBBJ designed for Samsung’s semiconductor division. “The Los Angeles Times reported that the new park will help Samsung to enhance their creativity. Samsung in San Jose, the new parkRead More
Apple CEO Tim Cook: We are “Working On” New Product Categories; in “very very active” talks on what to do with its cash and I feels shareholders pain. Apple CEO Tim Cook: We are “Working On” New Product Categories At Apple’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company is working on new product categories. This could be anything from a new watch-like device (iWatch) or a full-fledge TV (Apple iTV) According to Reuters, Tim Cook said the following at the meeting: The new campus will beRead More
iOS in US Defence department
Pentagon Will Open Networks to Apple, Google Devices in 2014 -This is about keeping the department’s workforce relevant in an era when accessibility and cyber security play a critical role in mission success. Pentagon Will Open Networks to Apple, Google Devices in 2014 According to a report from Bloomberg, the U.S. Defense Department plans to open its networks by next February to about 100,000 mobile phones and tablet computers from companies such as Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Yep, you read that right. Despite the launch of the new Blackberry operating system, the Waterloo-basedRead More