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Posted On April 19, 2014By Storm WilliamsIn Featured, Tech Quotes

Dediu on The “True” Definition of Innovation

Famed Apple analyst Horace Dediu has written another masterpiece, positing his definition of what is the true meaning of the word “innovation:” Dediu concludes by stating that true innovations of a product is directly related to the impact it has on society or market: Based on the above, it safe to say Apple is the most innovative company in the tech industry.Read More
tim cook

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Why Does Tim Cook Even Bother?

Brian S Hall for Tech Pinions: Because he loves the company?Read More

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Jay Yarow: iOS 7 Is A Roaring Success Against All Odds

[quote cite=”Jay Yarow” url=”″] Apple released iOS 7, a complete remake of the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad’s operating system, last week. iOS 7 had the potential to be a complete and utter disaster for Apple. It was tossing out Steve Jobs’ design, which featured life-like illustrations, in favor of a simpler design that had none of those. It was, in many ways, the first truly post-Steve Jobs product Apple released. iOS 7 is not a disaster, though. It’s a success. A smash hit, if measured byRead More

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30 Must-See Slow Motion Videos Taken With iPhone 5s

[quote cite=”CNET” url=””] The iPhone 5S has been out for more than a week, and the collection of slow motion videos has ballooned in size. Earlier this week we posted 15 of our early favorites people had shot in their initial weekend with the device. Now we’ve put together another 15 that show off what people are doing when slowing down videos to a fourth of their speed. Read on to get up to speed with the weird world of slow-mo.[/quote] Can’t wait to get my iPhone 5s to testRead More

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Samsung Addresses EU Concerns in Antitrust Probe

Samsung Addresses EU Concerns in Antitrust Probe Reuters reporting on the news that Samsung has broker a deal with the European Commission over its abuse of SEP. [quote cite=”Andrew Longstreth and Karen Freifeld” url=”″] Samsung Electronics Co on Friday offered remedies that may settle a European Union probe over whether it breached antitrust rules through its use of patent lawsuits against rival Apple Inc. “Samsung has agreed to propose commitments that will be market tested,” EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in a speech in New York on Friday. “WeRead More

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Apple Is Doom Because… 1.0

Apple Is Doom Because.. 1.0 Here we have another Apple is doom article. This time the reason given for Apple’s demise is Samsung. [quote cite=”Ashraf Eassa” url=””] Apple’s products are excellent and are best-of-class at the high end, but the writing is on the wall for the high end: It’s stagnant at best and set to decline at worst. Samsung may not bring a truly innovative device in the same way that Apple’s laser-focused engineers are able to in their yearly product launches, but it can sure flood the marketRead More

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Matt Cutts Not Using Google Keep; What About You?

Matt Cutts confessed that he is not using his company’s Google Keep service in his current work flow. [quote cite=”Matt Cutts” url=””] I can already imagine someone asking “Okay, but what about Google Keep?” I’m not opposed to Google Keep, but at this point I’ve found various third-party solutions that interoperate with Google Tasks and work well for me on Chrome and Android. Plus I already have my data in Google Tasks, so for the time being I like these solutions for Google Tasks. [/quote]Read More

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IPhone 5c Already Selling at a Discount in China

IPhone 5c Already Selling at a Discount in China [quote cite=”Caijing” url=””]iPhone 5c with 16 G storage is sold at 3699 yuan (about $604) Thursday at a store on Tmall, the country’s largest B2C retail platform, down from the original price of 4488 yuan (about $733).[/quote] Here we have a purported photographic evidence to support this claim. C Technology: Phone 5c BNM internal staff purchase price 3550 yuan.Read More
AOL Reader

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AOL Unveils Simple and Fast Reader ➢

Gizmodo: With Google Reader ready to tap out, it seems like everyone is keen to throw their hat into the feed reader ring. The latest offering is from AOL and it’s simple, fast and lacking any unique features—though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A simple RSS reader, it seems designed to make the transition from Google as straightforward as possible. Housed within a browser window, it’s simple, unfussy and certainly looks quite a lot like Google’s old faithful—though it’s a little more cluttered and has dark and light themes. You’re essentially looking atRead More
➢ AllThingsD: According to sources close to the situation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is likely unveil his plans to restructure the tech giant to a larger group of senior execs by July 1. That prospect has many top managers at the company worried, since Ballmer has been making these significant plans with limited consultation with the wider leadership group at the software giant. Instead, he has been working with only a small group of his direct reports and also some Microsoft board members, numerous sources said.Read More
The Double Take

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The double take ➢

DigitalTrends: There were many highlights from our E3 coverage this year, but this little interaction caught on film, now immortalized as a GIF, might be our collective favorite.Read More

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Microsoft and Google Are Getting Too Creepy ➢

Rick Munarriz: Check out the Xbox One’s Kinect camera. It’s always on, by default. The sensor is perpetually monitoring visual and audio information that it uses to make gesture and voice prompts easier to use. These are features. They can be disabled if the user turns off the sensor or pauses it, but the whole thing is just too darn creepy in theory. Google Glass is even creepier, because it’s someone else who may be recording you. Forget about the unsavory notion that someone may be watching a funny catRead More