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Yesterday, Microsoft announced quarterly revenue of $21.46 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2012. With operating income – $7.77 billion, net income $6.38 billion and diluted earnings per share for the quarter were $0.76 per share. Wall Street was looking for earnings of 75 cents a share on revenue of $21.53 billion. However, according to a report from Digitimes, Microsoft hierarchy clearly believes that things could be a lot better. Digitime is reporting that Micrsoft is about to take a leaf out of their tablet playbook (launching of the Surface tablet) andRead More
Reuters has managed to get their hands on excerpts from former Mircosoft executive Joachim Kempin new book. In his new book, Kempin posits that current Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer needs to go for Microsoft to get back to its glory days. Joachim Kempin, who worked for the company between 1983 and 2002, overseeing the sales of Windows software to computer makers for part of that time, according to the article. The new book titled – ‘Resolve and Fortitude: Microsoft’s “secret power broker” breaks his silence’, is scheduled to be published on Tuesday. HereRead More
According to  a new report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), lackluster PC shipment in the fourth quart of 2012 has least to 6.4 percent decline compare to a year ago quarter (Q4 2011). IDC had anticipated a decline of around 4.4 percent. The IDC report puts worldwide PC shipments at 89.8 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012 (4Q12). In what appears to be bad news for Microsoft, IDC study shows that the launch of Windows 8 failed to reverse recent sluggish demand for PC. According to the report, theRead More
Horace Dediu – industry analyst with a focus on mobile phones, posted an interesting very piece comparing Apple and Microsoft progress in China. Dediu pointed out that despite Microsoft’s huge investment in China over the years, Apple has made more headway in China than Micosoft in a shorter time span. Microsoft’s revenue in China in 2011 was reported to be 5% of what it obtained in the US. “The contrast is even more stark when one considers the time and effort each company has made in China,” Dediu writes. “Microsoft has been investingRead More

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iPads Stolen From Microsoft’s Office [Updated]

Here is a very interesting story from the Daily Post. Apparently five iPads worth over $3000 were stolen from a Microsoft office between December 19 and December 26. “Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View is presumably loaded with Microsoft latest and greatest products,” Angela Ruggiero wrote for the Daily Post. “But a thief decided to steal five Apple iPads from the company’s offices instead.” According to the report the police has no suspect and there were no signs of forced entry. It is presume that Microsot has a video surveillance inRead More

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New Android Trojan Can Mount DDoS Attacks

Doctor web – a Russian anti-virus seller, has issued a warning regarding a new trojan for Android called – TheAndroid.DDoS.1.origin. Apparently the new trojan can carry out DDoS-attacks on internet resources and send short messages to criminals. According to the report, “after installation, Android.DDoS.1.origin creates an application icon, similar to that of Google Play. If the user decides to use the fake icon to access Google Play, the original application will be launched, which significantly reduces the risk of any suspicion.” According to the report: [quote] When launched, the Trojan tries to connect toRead More
Writing for Fortune, Philip Elmer-DeWitt highlighted a very suspicious entry on  Judge Lucy Koh page on  Wikipedia , which was obviously edited by a Samsung sympathizer. According Elmer-DeWitt, the paragraph was entered at 8:07 p.m. on Friday  by a user with IP address — [quote] It has been discussed extensively in the Technology Community whether or not Lucy Koh has been completely impartial in handling Apple vs. Samsung. She ordered several preliminary injunctions on Samsung products that were later overturned by other federal agencies or were found to have not infringed on Apples Patents. [15] In addition,Read More

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Motorola’s Patent Thrown Out By UK Court

  Motorola Mobility has seen one of its prized patents covering technology to synchronize messages across several devices declared as in invalidate in the UK. Judge Richard Arnold presiding in a case between Motorola and Microsoft believes Motorola’s patent is invalid and said it should be revoked because it contained technology that “was obvious to experts in the field at the time.” According to Bloomberg, “Microsoft filed the lawsuit against Motorola Mobility in London a year ago in a pre-emptive bid to invalidate the patent before it could be sued for infringement.”Read More
Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire has published an opinion piece on AllThingsD what the new Apple TV would look like and how it will work. Interestingly, Allaire posited that Apple will be releasing a redesign set top box alongside the long rumored full fledge Apple TV. “Myriad issues have held back the new Apple TV, from complex dealings and integration with established broadcast cable providers to hardware design and supply issues to the necessary evolution of iOS SDKs — but we won’t be kept waiting forever,” writes Allaire. “There’s every reason toRead More

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Google Is Ensuring iOS Users Remain Loyal Apple

Google has recently introduced their Maps app for the iPhone with lots of fanfare recently. Google’s release note stated, “People around the world have been asking for Google Maps on iPhone.  Google Starting today, we’re pleased to announce that Google Maps is here—rolling out across the world in the Apple App Store.” While this might be very pleasing for many Apple users, you can be sure that this did not go down well with Android vendors. In this very competitive smartphone market, vendors are looking for every opportunity to differentiate from rivals.Read More
A heavily redacted version of the 10-year patent settlement between Apple and HTC was filed by Samsung on Wednesday. The new document revealed a lot more than was originally offered by Apple. Samsung is seeking to convince Judge Koh that Apple does not deserve to win an injunction against their products if the Cupertino is willing to accept monetary compensation for patent infringements. However, as expected, Apple has implemented anti cloning clauses in the deal to ensure HTC does not slavishly copy their products in the future. The deal focuses more onRead More
According to John Paczkowski of AllThingsD, “Microsoft is being coy about revealing Surface sales data, it may be for good reason. Early demand for the company’s first tablet is lousy,” writes John Paczkowski of AllThingsD. “How lousy? Put it this way — if Microsoft really did manufacture three million to five million Surface tablets to sell in the fourth quarter, it’s going to have between two million and four million left over at quarter’s end.” Paczkowski was commenting on a research note released by Detwiler Fenton, a Boston-based brokerage firm. According to Detwiler Fenton, “Lack of distribution isRead More